On My Poppy Bike (part 3)

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Now it is 2014, I need to start my preparations for the London-Paris Poppy Bike Ride.

Just before Christmas, kind Graham from the Royal British Legion,  emailed me.


Dear Lady Liberty,

Thank you for your interest in The Royal British Legion’s Bike Rides. I am delighted to announce our bike ride registration will open on the 6th January. Our bike ride brochures will be posted out to everyone that week. If you prefer to register online our online registration will open mid January. For more information on our bike rides please go to www.poppybike.org.uk<http://www.poppybike.org.uk> Our work providing welfare to the whole Armed Forces family depends on the support of people like you. Choose a bike ride, get involved and cycle in support of all who Serve. Many thanks for all your support. Merry Christmas, Graham


Training Program:

This morning, while waiting for Graham’s bike ride brochure and registration email to arrive, I thought I’d fire up my enthusiasm by studying a London- Paris training program . Having printed out the plan, I looked at my bike. Neither it nor I have done much cycling yet.

Week One says I should train as follows:


Week 1 (Average speed of 6 mph)

25 Minutes (Approximately 2.5 Miles)
25 Minutes (Approximately 2.5 Miles)
1 Hour (Approximately 6 Miles)

However, even though this plan has presumably been written for riders looking to train in England, I can’t find anywhere in the plan which advises about rain.


Pre-Week 1 Training Program Brainwave:

Luckily, I have had a brainwave; I am going to go off-piste and  postpone Week 1 until the weather is less rainy here in Castle Coop. What a relief! In the mean time I have devised a pre- week 1 training program. Ms. Jillian Michaels  is stationed inside my TV, ready to advise me on arranging my weights and the inaugural Castle Coop Pirates Class is on Friday. What’s more, I have been lured by Mrs. Chick Major, into hula hooping. What a brilliant wheeze! As a bonus, I am assured by hula hooping experts that it is the way forward viz à viz pinpoint waistlines. 

Yours while whirling,

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