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#FridayFitness: the Press-up

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#FridayFitness: the Press-up




Castle Coop’s #FridayFitness Class: Exercise of the week:




Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better.

Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.

(Source:  Mayo Clinic )

The Press-up:

Today’s #FridayFitness exercise is the Press-up which is designed to build muscle strength and boost endurance. Apparently of all the exercises one can do, the press-up is one of the most effective: should you wish to improve your  pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and triceps, there is nothing that tops it. Those who are skilled at performing press-ups can further improve themselves with a brisk rendition of the Military Press-up.

To do regular pushups, you bend your arms and lower your chest until it breaks the plane of your elbows. Military pushups require a full range of motion: Marines must touch their chests to the floor for every pushup.

Source: www.ehow.com

To enjoy the many benefits of the Press-up however, you may be glad to know that you don’t need to be a Marine or even to join the Army.

The Press-up



Yours imagining Samson could probably execute a mean press-up before horrid Delilah went & cut off his hair,

LLH signature

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A Cautionary Tale

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A Cautionary Tale

A Cautionary Tale


Just in case any of you are thinking of Spring Cleaning in the near future, I thought I should post this cautionary tale so that you may take an informed decision as to whether or not it’s a good idea…


What happens when Martha Stewart cleans her windows:

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Caveat Emptor!

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Caveat Emptor!

Brown Owl’s Rallying Cry – Caveat Emptor!




Good gracious! Look who I have just found in my inbox!

Brown Owl and Ld. Kitchener


Lord K has been roped in to spearhead a firm email from Brown Owl. Determined not to let any grass grow under our feet, she is clearly wasting no time in mustering the support of The Big Guns.



To ALL Upper, Lower & Castle Coopians,

With the General Election seemingly in full swing, albeit still many weeks away, I have asked our local candidate for the constituency of which we form a part, to join us in Castle Coop Village Hall at 7pm to listen to me make a short address.

I shall inform our local candidate that the District Council is currently basing its Local Plan on the assumption that over 7,000 new homes will need to be built in the area. I shall then ask our local candidate to mingle with us with us so that we can all discuss before the election everything that makes this constituency tick, what the big issues are and how we should like to be represented. 

 Please turn out in force.

Ensure our local candidate understands what The Coops stand for.


The doors will open at 6.30pm  There will be a cash bar and the Brownies will be handing round refreshments so that they may earn points for their Hostess, Community Spirit and Civic Duty Badges.

Carpe Diem!

Ad Astra per Aspera!

Caveat Emptor!

Rally to the cause!

Brown Owl signature



Caveat emptor? Is Brown Owl getting a little carried away?

Yours, hoping that no disasters (such as nearly happened to the Agent’s birthday raspberry tartlet) occur to the Brownies’ refreshments,

Martha eyeing up fruit tartlet

LLH signature


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Not in Castle Coop’s Back Yard!

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Not in Castle Coop’s Back Yard!




Not in Castle Coop’s Back Yard!






This morning, just when I was in the middle of rescuing a pillowcase while busy sorting the laundry, the door bell rang.


inside the duvet cover

I was hoping it would be dear Lady Egality coming round for a cup of coffee. The Agent and I have been bemoaning the loss of our raspberry canes which have given up the ghost and she very kindly said she had some spares. Having struggled out of the inside of a duvet cover to open the door, I found it wasn’t Lady E after all; it was Brown Owl. She immediately  informed me I looked exactly like a birch broom having a fit backwards.

7,000 proposed new homes – help!

Brown Owl is spearheading Castle Coop’s campaign to oppose a threat posed by the District Council. The D.C. is currently basing its Local Plan on the assumption that over 7,000 new homes will need to be built in the area. We are all horrified. 

  • The schools are full to capacity.
  • The surgeries are full.
  • The hospital is already too busy.
  • The High Street has no room for extra shops and parking.
  • The commuter trains are jam-packed.

None of us can imagine how all the families who are to live in the 7,000 new homes can possibly be absorbed; with the best will in the world, there isn’t enough room!


Both the Agent & I will rally to the cause immediately.

canvassing support against planning proposals

Brown Owl gave me a strongly worded pamphlet called The Not In Castle Coop’s Back Yard Campaign which we are all very impressed by.

Yours extremely glad that Castle Coop has a resident force to be reckoned with  –  although I could do without personal remarks about birch brooms

LLH signature

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Burns Night at The Ox and Moose!

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Burns Night at The Ox and Moose!

Burns Night at The Ox and Moose!



The Ox and Moose is celebrating Burns Night tonight.


Burns Night




















Sir Plym is to pipe in The Haggis. He will look absolutely splendid!

Piping in The Haggis























Colonel Pyncheon has been roped in to ‘address The Haggis’. The Agent and Sir Burford Brown have promised us all that they will heckle him during the recitation which is awfully mean as getting through eight verses of stuff like

…Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care,

And dish them out their bill o fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies;
But, if ye wish her grateful‘ prayer
Gie her a haggis!To a Haggis


with a straight face will be quite hard enough without them being a distracting presence at the back.

Yours knowing in advance that I won’t be ordering haggis,

LLH signature




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RIP Foyle’s War

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RIP Foyle’s War


RIP Foyle’s War


Despite 1) Lady Sebright’s sound advice that we should celebrate the pleasure that Foyle’s War has given the Friday Night Club rather than mourn its demise and 2) the absolutely delicious festive fizz which Colonel Pyncheon kindly opened for us to sip while watching ‘Elise’ the final episode of Foyle’s War,  I can’t help feeling sad. Tonight as the closing credits went up on the screen, I felt they were marking the end of a most convivial era.




One of the best ever  youtube clips – actually I could put this on a permanent loop; I’ll never get tired of it: www.youtube.com

The Globetrotting Guitarist: The End of an Era

Telegraph: Is this really goodbye?

ITV.com: Final Foyle’s War episode

Digital spy: Foyle’s War to end

What’s on tv.com: Last episode of Foyle’s War

& for a great last look at Foyle walking out of our lives for ever…  British Detectives


Message to all Actual and Virtual Members:

As Secretary to The International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club, it is my sad duty to inform you all that owing to the unhappy fact that Foyle’s War is officially a defunct series, our happy meetings are now at an end.

On behalf of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Committee, I should like to take the opportunity of thanking each of you for many happy meetings and your supportive and interesting comments. Here from the sofa in Castle Coop, we have greatly enjoyed watching:

  • DCS Christopher Foyle’s sleuthing, hat-wearing and general total fabness skills,
  • Sergeant Milner’s unflappable stoicism at (almost) all times
  • Sam Stewart’s terrific stiff-upper-lip at all times (presumably honed on the hockey pitch), cut-glass-vowels & unbounding enthusiasm in the face of every sort of looming disaster.

Being able to share our enjoyment not only with each other but with all the Virtual Members of the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club has made our meetings the icing on the end of the week cake for me!


I should like to invite you to join The Graf (Chairman), Lady Egality (Treasurer), Lady Sebright, Colonel Pyncheon and me in raising a glass to all those involved in the making of every episode in the 9 series which have given us such pleasure.

With the Foyle’s War photograph placed in position for the last time,

all 3 in Foyles-War1.jpg


(photo source: www.foyleswar.com )


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you,


The Hat!



Yours with the ‘Michael Kitchen strumming the Foyle’s War theme’ clip playing us out (& I’ve turned the volume right up high),

Signature The Graf grey




lady E's sig2.png



Lady Sebright



Col Pyncheon sig



LLH signature




P.S. I have received a revivifying suggestion from Miss Peppermint who writes,

Why not start a re-run club? It’s always better the second time around…


What a stroke of genius! OR…perhaps we should think of a new series for us to watch?

If you have any ideas, please let me know. The Friday Night Club could rise from the ashes like the Phoenix…!



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