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A Scenic Walk in the Countryside

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A Scenic Walk in the Countryside

A Scenic Walk in the Countryside

I have just taken Martha the dog out for her walk. It is very pretty countryside around here – a lot of visitors come to the village especially to enjoy the scenery as several guidebooks recommend the area for walking.

One guidebook describes a suggested route thus:

This walk is one of three in the attractive chalklands south of the M3  the furthest extension west of the South Downs.

The walk :
It starts in the village of Castle Coop, which lies on the west bank of the River and has an unusual and charming character all of its own, recognised by the designation of much of the village as a conservation area. Castle Coop contains many buildings of special interest, which include the thirteenth century church of St Mary with its Norman chancel and north door, the Malt House with its oversailing upper storey supported on curved brackets and the Mill, an old flour mill reputed to have been working until circa 1935.

The walk, in a figure-of-eight, takes you out of the village around the nature reserve, along the canal towpath, back into Castle Coop, then over the Canal Tunnel and across fields to Upper Coop, to a second church.  For those walkers with an interest in architecture, over a dozen of the houses and farms in Castle Coop alone feature in Hampshire Treasures; see Additional Info’….

It sounds quite good, doesn’t it? I couldn’t wait to try this particular figure of eight out and this morning Martha & I lost no time in setting out for  ‘a scenic walk in the countryside’.

The photographic evidence:

Hoping you’d be interested (especially those of you with an interest in architecture) I was careful to take several photos of all the sights recommended in the above guidebook, so that I could share everything here in The Awesome Hen. Now, even if you live the other side of the world from us, you can see for yourselves Castle Coop’s ‘unusual and charming character’.


Up-to-date views of  the recommended sights on the guidebook’s recommended scenic walk in the countryside:

1. Selfie taken of Martha & me walking past the thirteenth century church of St Mary:

Wet walk 1


2. Photo taken while we were strolling along the canal towpath:

Wet walk 2


3. In this photo, Martha & I were striding over the Canal Tunnel and across fields to Upper Coop

wet walk 3


4. & finally, here you can see Martha & I posing for this last photo while pausing to admire the 12 or so Historic Hampshire Treasures on our return to Castle Coop.

wet walk 4


Which Historic Treasure do you think is the most impressive?

Yours, back at home feeling completely sodden and having utterly failed to appreciate any of my scenic walk in the countryside,

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