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Wimbledon 2017: An Important Decision

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 Wimbledon 2017




Today is Semi- Final day at Wimbledon 2017 – how exciting is that!!
At 13.00 GMT, Sam Querrey is to play M. Cilic & then afterwards, T. Berdych will come out on court to take on the mighty Federer.
How thrilling it would be to have a Centre Court ticket & get to watch such amazing players.
Who would you support to win the Wimbledon 2017 semi -finals?

I have to make an important decision:

 Who will I support to win and go into the Final of the Men’s Singles’ Championship?


Wimbledon 2017 semi finalists

They’re all such fab players.

If Cilic and Federer both win, it would make for a really exciting Final on Sunday.


Hmmm…hmmm..hmmm… or Querrey v Federer? Cilic v Berdych?

Wimbledon 2017 semi finalists

It’s a very difficult decision;  I don’t want any of them to lose …



A Querrey v. Berdych Final  could be thrilling too


Wimbledon 2017 semi finalists

Who do I really want to reach the Wimbledon Men’s Single Final 2017?

Whether Sunday’s Final is between

  • Querrey v Federer or
  • Berdych v Cilic, or
  • Cilic v. Federer or
  • Berdych v Querrey…


what it boils down to in the end is…

Wimbledon 2017 - Murray win
Yours having sadly put our Union Jack back in the cupboard,
Cilic won v. Querrey – really exciting match (6-7 , 6-4, 7-6, 7-5) & Federer is currently 2 sets – love up.

STOP PRESS: that’s it! A straight set Federer win – (7-6, 7-6. 7-4) – So on Sunday, he’ll be chasing no. 8!



Wimbledon 2017 – Men’s Singles Final line up – Cilic v. Federer.

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Wasps versus Mojitos – no contest!

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Wasps versus Mojitos – no contest!

Of late I have been distracted from doing all sorts of things that I shouldn’t allow myself to be distracted from doing. The summer sun has gone to my head.


Unfortunately, while I’ve been busy making the most of the blissful recent heat wave…just look at what’s been growing in our flower beds.





In my absence the garden has joyfully let rip.


Today I fully intended to spend a virtuous afternoon mowing, digging, cutting & raking

Liberty Hen gardening




and then a vicious wasp flew in out of nowhere and launched an unprovoked attack on my forehead.

Is Discretion the better part of valour?

What would you have done in the circumstances? I made an executive decision to retire gracefully.

Catching rays

making the most of the summer sun!


IMO, wasps versus mojitos – no contest!

Yours warmly recommending the combination of sun + deck chair + magazine + mojito,


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The Road to Self-Improvement

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compendium-of-wisdomBrown Owl has published a pamphlet of Useful Sayings to catch the Village Hall Coffee Morning Market. It is full of timely advice for those trudging along The Road to Self-Improvement.

Unfortunately, despite regularly resolving to evolve into a fine upstanding villager, this morning I have noticed that far from being healthy, wealthy and wise, I am in fact, barely functioning,


Barely functioning


As you may imagine, I am determined to pinpoint exactly how I got myself into this sorry state &

  1. learn from it
  2. get a grip for the future.

Where I went Wrong:

Last night after supper, the Agent went to bed and I decided to watch the first episode of  ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. Be warned! Newly wise after the event, I now know I made not just one but two bad errors of judgement.

Mistake #1.  I signed up to Netflix

Mistake #2. by snuggling up on a bean bag with lots of cushions under a rug, I made myself way too warm and cosy.



Having enjoyed Episode 1 very much, I thought I’d quickly watch Episode 2:



& Episodes 3, 4, 5…



& Episodes 7, 8…..



& Episodes 9, 10 …



…ZZZ zzzz  zzz zz

The Road to Self Improvement 1




Yours vowing never to binge watch Netflix again (oh LOL, ho ho ho… I know perfectly well I’ve no self discipline whatsoever),

Liberty Hen signature

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