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The Castle Coop Campaign Trail!

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The Castle Coop Campaign Trail!

The Castle Coop Campaign Trail:



There has been frantic last-minute campaigning for tomorrow’s Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off!



In the Blue Corner:




Sir Burford Brown & Sir Plym on their soapbox outside the Village Hall.


In the Red Corner:


Red Corner



The Agent and the Chairman of the Village Hall setting up their sandwich board outside The Ox and Moose.


It’s extremely exciting!

Yours hoping like mad that rain doesn’t stop play tomorrow,

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The Village Spring Clean: Part 2

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The Village Spring Clean: Part 2


 The Village Spring Clean takes place!

Castle Coop was given its massive Spring Clean yesterday;  the weather was beautiful  and today, everyone agrees that the whole project was a great success!



Forty villagers and some of their children worked their heads off tidying up all the hedges, verges and ditches. Lady Egality and Arabella Ancona, her friend from London, were in charge of weeding and trimming the lavender bed outside our Village Hall. It looks so pretty now:

village hall 1.jpg


The Official Opening:

Last week, Lord and Lady Eftie Nudge kindly offered to officially open the Village Spring Clean for us.

lord and lady nudge cropped.jpg

They drove up to the Village Hall from Castle Coop Castle in the dearest little golf cart! It was just like the one the Queen Mother used to ride about in. Sadly, everyone had  already scattered around Castle Coop to start work and so Lord Eftie couldn’t exactly  ‘Open ‘ the Clean-Up. However,  Trev the Rev lent him a large hedge-trimmer and Lord Eftie posed holding it aloft. He stood next to Lady Egality’s lavender trimmings while Brown Owl took a beautiful photograph of him which will be published in the next edition of  ‘Castle Coop News’.

The Après Clean- Up Barbecue:

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Village Hall and the Agent were busy at home getting the Barbecue ready.

bbq 1.jpg

It’s an enormous one which was especially made for Castle Coop get-togethers.


Having worked so hard tidying up the village, everyone was pretty hungry and fell on the burgers and hot-dogs which were all deemed to taste delicious. It was such fun to be gathered together on a beautiful Spring day knowing that all our efforts had helped make the village look pretty again. I loved every minute of the whole day!


A Big Thank You!

Sir Plym who was CEO of the whole project and who had worked so hard organising it all, sent out this email last night to everyone who had helped:

Dear All, A massive thank you to all of you for today’s Spring Clean and a special thank you to the team leaders for their organisation and team management. About 80 hours of labour were expended which goes to show just how important a regular tidy-up is. It has helped to keep the village looking the way we like it to look, it has cleared litter and debris and it has improved areas which have long been neglected. A big thank you also to The Chairman of the Village Hall and to the Agent for providing such an excellent BBQ; a fitting finale to a productive morning.

The autumn clean will be on Saturday 27th September so, if you want to participate again and can spare the time, please put the date in your diaries. 

Many thanks again, Sir Plymouth Rock



Yours, thanking Sir Plym for all his very hard work organising such a great day!

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Village Update

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The Bonfire for Guy Fawkes Night was a great success. It grew like Topsy last week  and by the time it was lit, it was simply enormous!

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