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Foyle’s War is Back! Part 2

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Foyle’s War is Back! Part 2
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Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Killing Time

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Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Killing Time



Killing Time


Lady Egality Guest Posts and Hosts!



In the absence of my dear esteemed friend Lady Liberty Hen (at a wedding in Newmarket today), it falls to Lady Egality, moi-meme, to address you all this evening. 

The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club:

This evening of course is The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club which I shall be hosting (although without Sir Plym who will be found in The Ox and Moose). We are hoping for a full turn out of members both real and virtual except of course that The Graf is away in Scandinavia and Lady Liberty is in Suffolk.  Our episode this week is ‘Killing Time’.  Following a glorious day at Wimbledon yesterday (also quite another story) with my dear friend the beautiful Arabella Ancona who lives in London,  I have decided to serve strawberries and cream and a glass of fizzy noo noo for all those watching with us.
Lady Egality watching Foyle's War.jpg
Don’t forget to display a picture in the room where you are watching this evening.

…and don’t forget…..keep calm fw with frame


Yours, as Guest Editor,

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Club notes (written in advance by LLH): All the Actual Members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching tonight’s episode of Foyle’s War except for the Graf who is holidaying in Sweden for the summer and Lady Liberty who will be out gadding (but who has watched this week’s episode early to keep up).


International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club Minutes:

Apologies: The Graf (Chairman) and Lady Liberty (Secretary)

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids, Miss Peppermint and British Detectives from America.  (Actual): Lady Egality (Club Treasurer), Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon

Venue:  Castle Coop and various international locations.


1. This week, Lady Egality has kindly volunteered to act as Club Chairman and  Club Secretary in addition to managing the Club Finances in her role as  Treasurer.


2. During tonight’s episode, The Actual Members are planning a celebratory feast in honour of Wimbledon, please see above, with strawberries and champagne (and cream for those who like it).


3. A reminder to all Club Members – don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting.

Wow! How about this!

Here is our picture – just look!!! 3 more new episodes are on their way!

How brilliant of C Nelson aka Port City Dreamer to initiate the conversation with Anthony Horowitz, the script writer for Foyle’s War. I am extremely proud to say that Port City Dreamer is a virtual member of our the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club!

In lieu of a more tangible gift of appreciation, the Club Committee would formally like to extend our sincere thanks to both Port City Dreamer and Anthony Horowitz  for this exciting bit of info – it has made our week!



Killing Time:

Tonight the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching:

Episode 2 , Series 6*: ‘Killing Time‘!


July 1945: Sam moves in with Adam Wainwright to help run his guest house though,due to his shyness,they are not a couple. One of the tenants, Mandy Dean,is having a tough time, raising a baby fathered by black G.I. Gabe Kelly. Her old boyfriend Tommy Duggan is devastated when he returns and makes the discovery, To Foyle’s dismay segregation is enforced in Hastings to prevent inter-racial fights and Gabe is beaten up for dancing with Mandy in public. They plan to move to New York but she is murdered on the night a robbery takes place at Gabe’s barracks.Two pleasant boarders at the guest house are not what they seem but, with Mandy’s killer behind bars, Gabe has an unusual offer of help to mind his child until he can return from New York for her. Written by don @ minifie-1


DI Milner does not appear in this episode. (source: Wikipedia)

*N.B. The Episode categorisation is a complete muddle – The I.F.N.F.W.C. Committee has decided for clarity’s sake to categorise each episode as it is named on the ‘Foyle’s War: The Complete Collection’ dvd disc set. Wikipedia however, categorises ‘Killing Time‘ as Episode 2, Series 7


Dialogue from this episode: (source:

Harry Delmont: Sorry things didn’t go your way, Foyle.

Christopher Foyle: Well, that’s democracy for you!


Oh, how I admire DCS Foyle’s philosophical approach to life!


Yours, in absentia,

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