London to Paris Poppy Bike Ride:Training Day 1

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As you may know, the Royal British Legion are organising a ‘Poppy’ Bike Ride from London to Paris in September. Graham, the Poppy Events Manager, kindly registered me as an entrant last week and today…

I’ve started getting ready to…. cycle to Paris!

I’m pretty excited.


London to Paris … Training Schedule: Day 1


This morning, following careful instructions from the agent,  I got on my poppy bike and began my training program.

  • I attached 2 little lights to my helmet
  • I learnt how to use the gears
  • I only got off once to push up a hill
  • I cycled through several enormous puddles and it was fun
  • I didn’t fall off
  • I cycled about 8 miles
  • I loved every bit of it.

I’ve got until September  to practise the other 242 or so miles so that I can reckon on actually being able to cycle all the way between London and Paris without conking out. As today was only day 1, I decided not to worry about the whole 250 miles and just to concentrate on my first 8. If you have any good tips to help me with my long distance cycle training program, do please comment below and become an official ‘ Lady Liberty Mentor ‘ !

The sun shone, the roads were empty and I couldn’t believe it; there was nothing I’d have rather been doing!

Lady Liberty training2

I can’t wait to see Paris!

Yours, excitedly,

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  1. OMG I love your blog! You have such great style and I wish I was cycling to Paris also! Tribe building.

    • Yay for kind tribe builders!

  2. What a fun blog design you have. I wish you much success with your training for your long ride. I’ll look forward to your updates up to your big day in September. Stopping by to say Hi from SITS tribe.

    • Thank you so much! I hope I make it! Have a good week, LLH

  3. Oh thank you so much; that’s really kind!

  4. Love your drawings!

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