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Gone to the Dogs..






Given the temporary withdrawal of the Ox and Moose as a Castle Coop Night-life Entertainment Venue, the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club cordially invited the agent, Sir Plym and the Chairman of the Village Hall to attend last night’s   Club meeting.

Consider what was on offer:

  • The extremely genial company of Actual and Virtual Club Members
  • Delicious refreshments.
  •  An opportunity to watch Foyle’s War at its sparkling best – ‘Fifty Ships’ is a brilliant episode.

So did they accept our invitation with pleasure? No. They went to watch Greyhound Racing at Wimbledon Stadium taking Colonel Pyncheon  (our newest member) with them!!!!!


I.e. our partners in life and some dear friends, all of whom we love and trust, chose ‘Going to the Dogs’ in preference to joining our Foyle’s War Club meeting and coolly swiped one of our members into the bargain….What!!!!!!!!

The Graf, Lady Egality, Lady Sebright and I are simply speechless. There are no words to describe how we feel.

Yours silently,

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  1. Today is fine and sunny, the snow is glinting in the trees and all seems fine. Emilio has stopped by to visit for the week-end.

    • Has Emilio seen any FW yet? I’m afraid I haven’t seen any Sherlock (there was a challenge a while back). Hope you all have a lovely time visiting.

  2. Obviously the agent must be fully recovered, which I suppose should be viewed as a good thing. I regret I was forced to miss the club meeting also due to the arrival of gallons of snow, which required removing from the driveway. The papers are full of “coldest, snowiest winter in thirty years, worst road conditions in twenty five years etc.” I feel this is an avenue not explored by FW – Sam driving Foyle through a thick blizzard offers lots of possibilities. I do recall 50 Ships though and agree it was a fine evidence. Finally in defense of my mother, I should note that she has always been a keen devotee of Mrs. Gaskell – perhaps she will attend next time.

    • Yes thank you – the agent is back on form now thank goodness.
      I hope you’re not getting too cold in your coldest, snowiest winter – incredibly, it’s a beautiful day here.

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