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Club notes:

Tonight I am absolutely relying on the International Branch of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club to come out in force.

Unfortunately, the only Actual Member attending the meeting this evening, will be me.

The Graf von Blommehön (Chairman) has gone to his chalet in Verbier to enjoy the last of the ski season and at the last minute, Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon decided to go too. Lady Egality will also be absent as she has a friend from London staying over.


An Impasse:

Neither Lady Egality nor I are any further forward in trying to persuade Sir Plym and the Agent to join our Club. Both of them say that Friday night is the best evening for hobnobbing at ‘The Ox and Moose’. Any ideas from Club Members as to how to get either one of them to see the light will be most gratefully received.


Club Minutes:

Apologies: The Graf (Chairman), Lady Egality (Treasurer), Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon (see above).

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D and ayresorchids.  (Actual):, Lady Liberty (Club Secretary).

Venue: mostly international locations. Lady Liberty shall be watching in bed here in Castle Coop.


1. Lady Sebright apologises for the non-appearance of her Signature Recipe ‘How to make a Great Cup of Tea’; she was taken by surprise when the Graf invited her to go out to Verbier with the Colonel. As it was an invitation too good to pass up, the Guest Post will be published on her return.

2. As I am to be the only actual attendee and no-one will be able to see me, I shall be dunking Digestive biscuits in cocoa while watching tonight’s episode.

3.  This is not new info but just incase you haven’t seen it, I reproduce the following from:


TV News

‘Foyle’s War’ to return for new series on ITV in 2015


The period detective drama starring Michael Kitchen will shoot three new two-hour episodes between January and April 2014.

Inspired by real events in the early Cold War, the new series will see Foyle (Kitchen) immersed in the dangerous world of espionage in his role as a Senior Intelligence Officer for MI5.

Honeysuckle Weeks will reprise her role of Foyle’s trusted ally Samantha Stewart, while thriller writer Anthony Horowitz will again script the new episodes.

The new Foyle’s War will explore the power of American and German industrialists and a major blight of post war Britain – the Black Market.

“We are delighted to see the return of Foyle’s War to ITV,” said ITV’s Head of Drama Series, Jane Hudson.

“Anthony Horowitz has written three outstanding episodes and the audience are in for a real treat. This series also gives us the chance to take the shoot to one of the jewels of the North West, Liverpool.”

The three feature-length episodes will shoot in Liverpool, doubling for post-war London, with transmission planned for 2015.

(N.B. this report doesn’t mention the filming in Chester)


4. A reminder to all Club Members – virtual and actual: don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting. Here is mine for tonight!

dunk biscuits.jpg


‘Enemy Fire’:

Tonight we shall be watching Episode 2; Series 3 : Enemy Fire

A private house is requisitioned by the RAF as a hospital. However, drugs go missing and acts of vandalism are carried out. Foyle begins an investigation after Group Captain Smythe is nearly killed and an RAF mechanic is murdered. Meanwhile, Andrew goes AWOL, suffering from severe stress and exhaustion after his wingmate is badly burned while flying Andrew’s Spitfire.

Historical Context:

The hospital and its patients are broadly based on the work of Archibald McIndoe and his ‘guinea pigs’.

(source: Wikipedia)

Have a good time watching DCS Foyle and the team!

Yours in splendid isolation,

LLH signature


  1. Was sick on Friday night, but will be making up for my absence to the IFNFWC viewing of Enemy Fire by watching it Saturday! Better late than never!

    • Oh no – poor you!I hope you’re feeling better now.Get well soon.xx

  2. Perhaps you should reach out to the Ox and Moose and suggest that the way for them to expand business would be to host an extension of the Foyle’s Club on Friday nights on their large screen television in the bar. With a little advertising there would surely be a rush of extra customers. Alternatively, perhaps Sir Pym and the Agent are really subtly hinting that they would like something more fortifying served at Club gatherings than tea (whether with or without a warmed pot) – although as I thought the Agent was strictly teetotal, perhaps it is Sir Pym who needs convincing?

    • Brilliant! I shall try both approaches & the Agent will be delighted by yr. suggestion that something stronger than tea might be in order (despite being strictly teetotal).

  3. Hope you are not too lonely in your dunking, llh !

    • alone but not lonely, thank you. Greatly enjoyed watching last night – Bliss… Hope you did too!

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