The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Casualties of War!

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 The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Casualties of War!



Club notes: Tonight all the Actual Members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching together again except for Lady Egality (Club Treasurer) who is visiting St. Petersburg with Sir Plym.

Club Minutes:

Apologies: Lady Egality

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids,Miss Peppermint and our newest international virtual member: British Detectives from America.  (Actual): The Graf von Blommehön (Chairman), Lady Liberty (Club Secretary) Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon

Venue:  Castle Coop and various international locations.


1. The Committee are delighted to announce the admission of our latest recruit to the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club – British Detectives – and we offer a very warm welcome.

2. Tonight, in honour of our loyal American branch, we shall be drinking Manhattans made by ..Me! Chicks ma, mi and min gave the Agent this book

cocktail book

for Christmas a couple of years ago and I have purloined it…

Here is tonight’s recipe – yum!


3. A reminder to all Club Members – virtual and actual: don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting.

 Casualties of War!

Tonight the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching:  Episode 4, Series 4

Casualties of War:


March 1943: Foyle receives a visit from his goddaughter, whom he has not seen for 10 years, and her young son who is shell shocked from when his school was bombed. When she runs off leaving her son, Foyle must locate her. A new Assistant Commissioner is after Foyle to crack down on illegal gambling. Sgt. Milner is assigned to the case and goes undercover with mixed results. Milner sees two young lads gambling lots of cash and decides to find out where they’re getting their money. Foyle is also investigating a group of saboteurs. When a murders occurs near a military research facility, Foyle believes he has solved the crime but the new AC insists he release the subject in question. Foyle in turn feels he has only one option open to him. (Written by garykmcd)

 Point of Naval Ettiquette:

The above web-site points out that the (costume?) director of Foyle’s War has made a bish. Captain Boothroyd is a naval officer with a moustache. In the Royal Navy, officers were (and still are) allowed either to be clean-shaven or else to have a “full set” (beard and moustache). A moustache on its own is *not* permitted.

To clarify:

naval moustaches.jpg















No wonder I’ve never seen David Niven in a film about the navy.


‘Casualties of War’ has this reassuring bit of dialogue …

George Woodridge: [to Brooke] “You can’t have people shooting each other in the middle of the night. It’s not right.”


Yours delighted to have this important point cleared up once and for all,

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  1. Alas I shall be unable to participate tonight. Emilio and I are going to see a Matisse exhibit. Not really sure how Foyle would have responded to Matisse – would welcome thoughts on this from other members.

    • Gosh, Foyle’s War was up against High Culture last night- The Hermitage in St. Petersburg luring away Lady Egality & now you and Emilio defecting to see Matisse..!

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