Cooking for a Surprise Party!

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We’ve all been busy cooking for a Surprise Party…




Castle Coop is planning a surprise party to celebrate a  birthday and we’ve all been secretly cooking like mad!

LLH cooking surprise party.jpg




Summit Meeting:

We are holding a summit meeting tomorrow to co-ordinate all our plans, to wrap the present, decorate the dining room and to synchronise our watches.

summit 2.jpg


The supper seems to be pretty much sorted except for the pudding which is my responsibility and which I haven’t made yet. I also must remember to clean some wine spots from the carpet which Chick Mi spilt last weekend when he made an uncontrolled flourish with his arm. Tomorrow we are going to make fairy cakes. I looked on Pinterest and found some amazing looking  photographs:



Here’s one from I think we’d better up our game..

birthday cupcakes




















Lady Egality went shopping today to get a cake stand and I have ordered some party poppers and loads of  balloons. I hope they arrive in time. The website promised to send them straight away- please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Yours up to my neck in secret plotting,

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