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The Bonfire for Guy Fawkes Night was a great success. It grew like Topsy last week  and by the time it was lit, it was simply enormous! Thanks to Health and Safety efficiency, the new site proved to be 100% safe  (and healthy) in all the wind and luckily  no-one slipped in the cow muck despite the dark night being lit only by the flames. It was pretty good fun watching the beautiful fireworks next to the grandissimo fire and the agent and I were as warm as toast. Actually, the agent didn’t have much time for standing about by bonfires as he was working his head off cooking about 200 burgers and sausages for the Barbecue. I stood about for the 2 of us. The following newsletter from the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee has just appeared in my inbox.

I hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks and bonfire last week, for which our thanks go particularly to Colonel Pyncheon for putting on a fabulous display and to Brown Owl for so capably organising us all!  We were fortunate that it did not rain and it was reasonably warm and we are pleased to report that we made approximately £350 after costs etc which to put into context will keep the village hall running for about a month.
Meantime the Village Quiz is just 2 weeks away.  If you have not reserved your table please do so now.  Details below:-
THE VILLAGE QUIZ– Saturday 23rd November. Enter your team of four NOW! The doors will open at 6.30pm and the quiz will begin at 7pm. There will be a light supper (included within the price) and a cash bar.
The evening is designed to be fun and you do not need to be the Brain of Britain to compete! Please submit your entry to Lady Egality Maran or any member of the committee with your entry fee of £25 per team/table.
15th December Christmas Party
15th December Christmas Carols
NEW 1st February 2014 Village Supper event – Details to follow.   


Brown Owl has also just appeared having called round all Castle Coop to garner support for her Brownies to act as helpers for the Annual Village Quiz Night at the end of the month. She is very keen that the Brownies should be allowed to make and hand round plates of egg and cress sandwiches and fairy cakes. If they do so, it will enable them to earn points towards their ‘Hostess Badges’ as well as encouraging them to keep the Brownie Guide Motto “for after all, they will be Lending A Hand, Gloria dear . And of course, Badges are a very good thing. Collecting them creates ‘Character‘, don’t you agree? And Goodness me, ‘Character ‘ is something that Modern Britain could do with these days and oh, I could do with some more tea dear…”

I am neither convinced about the magical properties of badges nor sure that Brownie Point Collecting at the Village Quiz is a winning idea. We shall a) all be hungry and want something decent to eat and b) want something decent to drink. Usually rather a lot of alcohol is consumed which is one reason why the evening is always a sell-out. Brown Owl says that is nonsense and it will do us no harm to just jolly well restrain ourselves until after half time when the Brownies will have gone to bed and just think about the badges and what fun it will all be. Brown Owl  is a Village Force and may well win the day.

Brown owl cropped 2

I was cross that Brown Owl caught me wearing my slippers and cross that I always feel limp when I run into her. One day she might remember that my name is Liberty, not Gloria. Maybe I didn’t collect enough Character Badges in my youth. Ha Ha LOL.

Yours dispiritedly,

LLH (aka Gloria)


  1. Oh goodness. I am going to have to put aside a good wedge of time so I can read your blog from start to finish. I am addicted already! I lived in a village with my parents for many years and you are spot on. They still live in the village (we don’t – can’t afford it – don’t get me started on mortgages), and I fear that my mother is most definitely Brown Owl. Even I am mildly terrified of her and feel limp in her presence.

    Anyway, it was lovely to catch a quick chat with you at Britmums Live. I stopped by to have a look at your blog and now it’s my new favourite.

    • Dear Ms. Domestic Disgrace, it’s never occurred to me before that Brown Owl might not be one of a kind. Please, if your mother should ever call you, ‘Gloria dear’, would you very kindly let me know so that I may write to The Times about Dolly the Sheep nicking the prestige that perhaps rightfully should belong your mother and Brown Owl?
      Thank you so much for visiting TAH and I really enjoyed meeting you at Britmums too! xxLLH

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