Gale Force Winds hit Castle Coop…

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Oh my goodness – we are in the middle of a gale here. The weathermen have been telling us for days that we’re going to be hit by tremendous winds similar to those of 1987. That is a pretty scary thought.

telegraph storm

The Agent and I spent the weekend battening down the house and garden at Castle Coop trying to make sure it doesn’t all get blown away. Quite a bit of thought went into deciding where the safest place to park the car was incase roof tiles start flying about. We  inspected several trees which suddenly looked precarious although neither of us had noticed this before. My darling standard roses were ruthlessly cut right back in an attempt to save them from being uprooted and they look so ugly now. Just like bunches of up-ended dead spiders on stalks.However, this morning I was overjoyed to find them still standing. I shall keep my fingers crossed that they recover by next summer. As yet, there are no tiles off the roof…

The high winds have blown branches of tree all over the village roads however and the tractors are out and about clearing them up. Trains to London have been cancelled and hundreds of power lines are down over the country. Winds of 99 miles per hour have been recorded in the Isle of Wight.

poppy tray cropped

I am allowed to start selling Poppies today and shall start going round the village houses with my usherette tray.I hope I don’t get blown away – I’d better follow the Queen’s example and put some lead in my hemline.

LLH selling Poppies

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