What I know

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  1. If Brown Owl organises me, I feel cross. If I organise myself, I feel pleased
  2. The Agent isn’t fond of stew for supper.
  3. Watching an episode of Foyles War helps several of us Castle Coopians cope with Brexit distress.
  4. I feel better when I can touch my toes
  5. Wearing trousers with elasticated waists makes me feel old.
  6. Lady Egality wears clothes beautifully.
  7. My efforts to improve my self-discipline aren’t often successful.
  8. I like New Year Resolutions and must start thinking of good ones for 2020.
  9. Living in Castle Coop produces all sorts of unexpected feelings in me. I think I long for the hustle and bustle & anonymity of city life but actually, so long as I’m not being ticked off by Brown Owl, I usually remember that being a little cog in a little wheel has a fair number of plus points to mark up in the ‘pro’ column.



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