Wasps versus Mojitos? No contest!

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Wasps versus Mojitos? No contest!

Of late, I have been distracted from doing all sorts of things that I shouldn’t allow myself to be distracted from doing. The summer sun has gone to my head.

Unfortunately, while I’ve been busy making the most of the blissful recent heat wave…just look at what’s been growing in our flower beds.


In my absence the garden has joyfully let rip.

Today I fully intended to spend a virtuous afternoon mowing, digging, cutting & raking…

Liberty Hen gardening

but then suddenly a vicious wasp flew in out of nowhere and launched an unprovoked attack on my forehead.

Is Discretion the better part of valour?

What would you have done in the circumstances? I made an executive decision to retire gracefully.

Catching rays

making the most of the summer sun with a magazine & a mojito near to hand 

IMO, wasps versus mojitos? No contest!

Yours warmly recommending the combination of sun + deck chair + magazine + mojito,


  1. Thought this was a pretty funny blog – I’m guessing you have hens. Isn’t it odd that they’re really good at weeding the garden of all the lovely things you planted and leaving the actual weeds. Our hens must have the most expensive diet known to man (or woman for that matter).

    • Hi Alex, LOL – yes that’s exactly how it is! Hens seem to have very high gastronomic standards!

  2. Everything is going quite well, thank you! I’m having a lovely summer and am at last on holiday! Hope you have a wonderful summer too!

    • So glad to hear that you’re living la vie en rose & hope your holiday is fab. The Agent & I are getting excited about youngest’s wedding (the 2 week count-down has started!)

  3. Nice to see another entry from you! Good luck with the garden!

    • It’s a jungle out there!
      Deaer Kate – how lovely to hear from you – how is everything in the Netherlands? Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful summer (& not being attacked by wasps). Don’t forget to ask if you need shortbread supplies!

  4. Welcome back my dear, you’ve been away so long, it’s good to hear your news. Can’t wait to speak to you about The Crown. I took out the free trial subscription to Netflix for a month and didn’t get chance to watch anything. It’s obviously worth it so I shall re-visit. Lady E.

    • LOL – you already know all my news 🙂
      The Crown is totally brilliant and so is House of Cards and so is Wolf Hall & so is… way too much else if you are planning to lead a useful life. Be warned by the example of your friend who has fallen off the straight & narrow path & watches netflix in bed xxx

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