Fitness training for Paris!

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It has been a while since I have updated you about my fitness training schedule for the London – Paris Bike Ride next year which I am hopeful of both entering and completing. I am delighted to be able to assure you that it is now well underway. Actually, I am feeling pretty gung-ho about my fitness levels for 2014. Already two steps towards my super-toned and stretchy new self have been taken! Yesterday, I picked up a leaflet from the letterbox and found that a qualified instructor is coming at the beginning of December to teach Pilates in the Village Hall; I have decided I shall certainly sign up for the course. On top of that, I have actually begun lifting weights for improved strength and fitness! Ms. Jillian Michaels suggests weight training is an excellent way forward to promote a mens sana in corpore sano. I am sure Ms. Michaels is right – as one of America’s premier fitness gurus, she must certainly know what she is about and I trust her judgement implicitly. This morning, I decided to take the bull by the horns – I think that’s an appropriately athletic expression and rather like the idea of a beautiful red cape swishing about my shoulders although perhaps not so much the thought of any sharp pointy bits on the horns – and breathing in to properly protect my core muscles,  I lifted all the weights up and arranged them on the mat.




weights 3 cropped


How about that! They look beautiful, don’t they?

So all in all, my training programme has got off to an encouraging start and now I shall go and have a little lie down. I’m going to be the proud owner of fab guns soon, just you wait and see.

Yours with determination,





  1. My college roommate, Quincy, (whom I think you may have introduced you to port) was a keen believer in a rigorous exercise program. His preferred routine involved a brisk row before breakfast followed by a soothing hot bath accompanied by an extremely large gin and tonic. Perhaps a model for you to adopt?
    Billy wonders if you would like him to take you on some gentle training rides – he promises to keep them under 40 miles.

    • Perhaps just for the moment, I should sit with Emilio in the coffee shop while Billy is training; I understand it’s important not to peak too early.

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