The Morning After the Night Before..

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The morning after the night before…


The agent and I are taking things gently this morning. I wonder if Lady Egality and Sir Plym are too.


The  ‘Before’  Photograph:

Here is the finished table- we’re all ready to party!

party table ready 3cropped.jpg



 The  ‘After’  Photograph:

(Set up so I can sing ‘Ten Green Bottles’)




Disaster strikes!

There was a dreadful hiccup when I discovered that Martha the dog had found out about Lady Egality’s fairy cakes which I thought I had placed out of her reach. She ate SEVEN – both lemon and chocolate- including the paper cases but she left us the candles. I was absolutely mortified and then had to break the news to Lady E that while under my watch, disaster had struck.

However, my dearest friend was so nice about her eaten cakes that Martha didn’t even try to keep a low profile but decided to keep close to her bowl incase more manna from heaven might come her way (which it didn’t). Lady Egality is nicer than I am.

martha with bowl.cropped


At least we now knew that the fairy cakes tasted good and there were still 17 left which luckily was more than enough and Martha hadn’t even managed to breathe on them, I whisked them away so fast.


When we broke the news to our guests that the dog had done a bit of road-testing, the Graf said kindly that ‘ These things happen’ which after all is true and I felt much better.

A  lovely evening:

Apart from this disaster,  the Agent and I both enjoyed ourselves hugely and I hope our dear friends did too.

I think maybe I might ask the Agent to make me a Red-Haired Dog Revivifier now.

llh hangover cropped

Yours, feeling a little bit fragile,

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