The Morning after the Night Before… in 2020

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What a cracking start to the New Year…

a late night
Alas, today I am barely functioning…

Yours wondering if your head hurts as badly as mine?


  1. Oh Lady L, you do look as though you’re a hen who’s had a good night out. Did you see those fireworks in London? Nearly as awesome as you my darling. xx

    • Dearest Lady E! How are you & Sir Plym – are you suffering too? Wasn’t it fun dancing our heads off last night in the virtual V. H? Have you heard if Mr & Mrs M have had a lovely time? Mr & Mrs A are missing them very much. Didn’t see the london fireworks as the Ox & Moose ones were quite loud and I was worried our dog might do another runner. But she didn’t 🙂 How are the girls? xxx

    • Quick!!! BBC 1 The Sound of Music!!!! Because he’s gorgeous….

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