The Die is Cast!

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The Die is Cast!

I’ve been for my last training ride.

I thought it would be miserable as it was starting to rain, but it turned out to be brilliant fun!

Under Starter’s Orders:

I was just putting on my helmet when Sir Plym appeared driving his lawnmower. He’d been cutting the grass in the churchyard and on the spur of the moment,  he challenged me to a race down The Street. The Agent drew up the course with the starting line at the church lych gate and the finish at the Ox and Moose. Lady Egality was in charge of waving the chequered flag, aka her hat.

We set off and I couldn’t believe it – it wasn’t even neck and neck.   Maybe I will be fast enough to keep up with everyone else on the Pedal2Paris.

Sir Plym racing


 An encouraging email:

I have been so anxious recently about riding slowly – every other cyclist I meet on the road seems to overtake me. However just after my race, I received an email from kind Dan, the Events Administrator for The Royal British Legion.

Please do not worry about your speed, I am sure you will be fine and find plenty of company in one of our speed groups and our ride captains (they’ll be the riders in red) are a fantastic help.

Don’t you think that is encouraging? It never occurred to me that there might be anyone slow in a ‘speed’ group – perhaps I’ll find a cycling buddy!
And…the thought of ride captains who ‘help’ is very reassuring.

A new shirt arrives!

There was also an exciting post this morning. The Royal British Legion has sent me an official shirt to wear!

cycling shirt 1


Isn’t the bit with the supporters cheering us all on, shouting, Bon Courage !  &  Allez ! fab ?
cycling shirt 2



The die is cast!


I’ve been for my last training ride. It is now too late for me to get any better at cycling, any fitter or any faster.

The die is cast!

Yours, beginning to get really excited,

LLH signature




I have just found this message on the RBL’s Facebook page:
You’ve all been training so hard and putting so much time into fundraising for the Legion, we wanted to say ‘well done’
– and remind you of the important work the charity will be able to do thanks to your superb efforts. Give yourself a pat on the back!


I should like to pass my pat onto all those who have so kindly and generously sponsored me.
Thank you all so much!
RBL facts

Stop Press:

I’ve just been looking on the website of the Paris hotel where the RBL have kindly booked me a room to stay in on Sunday night should I actually manage to stagger up to the Arc de Triomphe..
Here is a promotional photograph showing a suggested  ‘leisure’ activity:
novotel paris est
Is someone having a laugh? 


  1. All the best of luck for your ride. Be kind to your offspring and don’t embarrass him by riding too far in front of him! I am sure it will be a great experience.

    • Dear Digby, Much as I’d like to think it possible, I simply can’t imagine ever riding too far in front of anyone!Thank you very very much for all your support over this last year – I appreciate it a lot. xx

  2. May the breeze be at your back, the weather conditions clement and the hills all down (well the last one may be a bit of stretch.) You will look spiffing in your fine blue shirt. I am immensely proud of you for what you are doing – will be thinking of you throughout the ride.

    • Dear Billy, thank you so much for these lovely words- if I make it to Paris, it will be all because of your excellent virtual coaching.

  3. Best of luck to you! I can’t wait to hear about it. I bet it will be splendid!

    • Thanks so much Emilio – great to hear from you! Are you feeling back to normal? Hope so. V. sorry to hear you weren’t well on yr. return. Have you got yr. head around all your amazing experiences?xxx

  4. Good luck!

    • Hi Hil,
      thanks so much; I’m feeling completely sick! Why aren’t I Victoria Pendleton? Help!!

  5. Good luck.

    • Dear Lizanne, Thank you so much. That’s really kind of you. 🙂

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