The Castle Coop Campaign Trail!

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The Castle Coop Campaign Trail:



There has been frantic last-minute campaigning for tomorrow’s Castle Coop Barbecue Smoke-Off!



In the Blue Corner:




Sir Burford Brown & Sir Plym on their soapbox outside the Village Hall.


In the Red Corner:


Red Corner



The Agent and the Chairman of the Village Hall setting up their sandwich board outside The Ox and Moose.


It’s extremely exciting!

Yours hoping like mad that rain doesn’t stop play tomorrow,

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  1. And the results???? We are all in suspense waiting to hear who was awarded the Castle Coop Cacklewackle Cup!!!

    • It was a very exciting finish. Trev the Rev had to step into adjudicate.

  2. Do let us know who wins! in my humble opinion, gas is great to start off with while the charcoal / wood gets going….

    • Hello Mrs Nige! I’ve never thought of using a combination of the best of both! Genius!. I’ll pass your comment on to Trev the Rev to read out tomorrow!

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