Foyle’s War is Back! Part 2

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  1. Sir Plym and I loved it!
    Did you see what The Times review said? I quote the last four lines: “As always Michael Kitchen’s testudine performance – he is like a tortoise beginning to take notice – was a pleasure”
    How rude to compare him to a tortoise.

    • Perhaps we ought to point out to the Editors that we’d write perfectly splendid reviews – you apply to The Times & I’ll do The Telegraph. I didn’t even know there was such a word as ‘testudine’. Tortoise indeed! Humph.

  2. I just re-read your original post and noticed that Agent was present for the meeting! Extraordinary. I believe this was his first attendance – what do you attribute it to? All the New Year’s Eve dancing?

    • I know – it was very exciting and he enjoyed it very much!! I would love to think it was the dancing but he didn’t dance. Perhaps it was because on Sunday nights he and his cronies don’t go to the Ox and Moose.

  3. I assume you will take the normal precaution of signing your stern letter from the Agent.

    Emilio sends best wishes for 2015. Billy is eager to hear what cycling challenge you are undertaking this year and wonders if you have started serious training yet.

    • I’m sure my letter would carry more weight with Mr. Ramsey if I did; what an excellent suggestion! Please thank Emilio for the best wishes and make sure to return them and tell Billy I am trying to persuade the Agent that we could cycle round Ypres but he hasn’t quite seen the light yet.

  4. I enjoyed its return immensely with a stirring G & T!

    • A stirring G & T sounds absolutely delicious! Happy New Year Miss Peppermint!

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