On My Poppy Bike (part 1)

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The agent and I have been busy sorting out the Poppy selling kits so that we will be ready to go collecting round all the village houses at the end of the month. The dining room is full of little cardboard trays full of paper poppies and collecting tins – I will feel like an usherette in an old-fashioned cinema selling ice-creams..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   poppy poster cropped                    

 I’ve been studying the Royal British Legion’s web-site and just look at what I’ve found!

 PoppyBike – The Royal British Legion.Our four-day 460 kilometre adventure from London to Paris, through some of the best cycling landscape of England and northern France has become a firm favourite in the Legion’s calendar, with every aspect of the ride planned with precision  – from accommodation and transport to the all-important mechanics, outriders and sports physios. We plan so you can ride hassle-free. Just one of the reasons so many cyclists come back to us again and again. If you are interested joining Pedal to Paris in 2014, email poppybike@britishlegion.org.uk or phone 020 3207 2270.


It sounds simply brilliant! I shall immediately have a go at persuading the agent that we must enter straight away for the ride in 2014 as a way of marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One. And we’d end up in Paris as well! Oh how fab – I’d simply love to pedal to Paris – and with ‘outriders’ too! I shall go and look out my bike lights and make sure that the batteries all work properly and then I shall check to see if the tyres need pumping up. Oh I can’t wait to start my training schedule!

llh riding her bicycle

Yours, à toute vitesse,



  1. Well the best planned bicycling trips require the addition of a van, stocked with refreshing drinks and chocolate bars, which sweeps along behind to sustain you in times of need as well as pick you and bicycle up if you decide on second thoughts perhaps 3 miles is far enough for you that day.

    • That is a brilliant idea; three miles sounds completely do-able. I’m going to really to nail this.

    • You sound very knowledgeable – I think you should sign up too.

  2. What a particularly fine looking vehicle. My friend Billy, who is an ardent cyclist (full spandex, multiple sets of wheels for all occasions etc, etc) and thinks nothing of a 70 mile spin in the morning was particularly taken with it when I showed him the photo. Emilio, I have to say, was less moved – but then his idea of heavy exercise is walking up the hill to the local coffee shop. Please keep us posted on the training regime.

    • I will keep you posted. I must admit pre-breakfast ’70 mile spins’ don’t quite happen yet but I am sure that is because as yet there are no gears on my bicycle. I have great hopes for when the training programme kicks in.

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