Merry Christmas!

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Christmas shopping
The Awesome Hen hangs a Christmas wreath

Decorating the Christmas tree

Making Mince pies for Christmas!

The Awesome Hen wraps up Christmas presents
Post Christmas snooze
Sleeping it off…


  1. Hope you’ve had a very nice Christmas, and that all is well in Castle Coop!

    • Thank you dear Bookworm Kate – it was lovely & I hope your Christmas was too. Castle Coop is very slowly getting back to normal after covid. What a dreadful time everyone’s had but I do hope you & yours have come through it all safely.

  2. Looks a delightful day and a well deserved snooze after all your exertions.
    Digby D

    • It was a lovely day and I hope you had a wonderful time too with gingerbread houses and snoozing thrown in for good measure

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