Lady Lohmann-Brown throws a Party! Part 1

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Lady Lohmann-Brown throws a Party! Part 1

Helping set-up:

Thankfully, the rain has finally stopped and the sun is out -ish..(Hurrah!)…just in the nick of time because Lady Lohmann-Brown has decided to throw a party tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday. Everyone in Castle Coop has been invited. The Agent and I went round to her house yesterday to help at a ‘setting-up-pre-party’ . In a jiffy, the menfolk had put up Castle Coop’s marquee (available to hire out to any Castle Coopian for £50 +£50 deposit) in Lady L-B’s garden:

marquee 1.jpgI sprinkled grit on the paving slabs for our recent bout of dreadful weather had made them very slippery; they were just like an ice-rink.

Green Blood!

Lady Lohmann-Brown is such an amazing gardener, she must have green blood. She is Castle Coop’s Gardening Guru. A few weeks ago, she grew so many plants in her greenhouse for the recent Village Hall Plant Sale that when she carried them into the hall, it was very hard to make her out from behind all the foliage:

lady lohmann Brown.jpgHer garden is already full of flowers – it looks beautiful.Perhaps you can just see how summery it looks from these photographs:

marquee 2.jpg

Aren’t the foxgloves underneath the apple trees pretty!

2014-05-30 16.03.39


Whenever I see this garden, I resolve to try harder with our one but I forget about all the knowledge and graft that goes into creating something like this.


2014-05-30 16.03.52

At the bottom of her garden is a field in which there are 3 cows and a ewe whose twin lambs are 3 weeks old.

2014-05-30 16.07.29

Flowers for inside the marquee!

The garage was a hive of industry as Lady L-B and her daughter had been arranging flowers for the tables all day! They look amazing already even though they’re not quite finished yet- she is very talented!

Here is a pedestal arrangement which apparently Lady L-B ‘just threw together..’ :

party flowers 1.jpg

and here is a little arrangement for one of the table tops:


party flowers 2.jpg

Yours, greatly looking forward to the party,

LLH signature


Apology – Friday Night Foyle’s War Club Meeting cancelled:

N.B. As all the Actual Members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club – the Graf, Lady Egality, Lady Sebright, Colonel Pyncheon and LLH, will be out on the tiles tomorrow night, we have had to take an executive decision to postpone the next meeting of the F.N.F.W. C. until Friday 6th May 2014.

Please will all Virtual International Members accept our apologies.

Yours, with thanks,

Lady Liberty – Club Secretary.

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