Lady Lohmann-Brown throws a Party! Part 2

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Lady Lohmann-Brown throws a Party! Part 2


The Agent and I had a fabulous time at Lady L-B’s party! The marquee was full of all our friends and we laughed and danced and quaffed and ate until the early hours.

There was a great band which kindly accepted requests to play all our favourite songs.

We jived….

Sir Plym whirled and twirled Lady Egality about on the dance floor:



We danced the Conga…

Brown Owl,The Graf and I joined a long line of villagers and danced the Conga round and round the marquee. Every now and then, in perfect time to the beat, Brown Owl jumped up high from joie de vivre – she was really in the mood to party!


conga dancing 2.jpg.jpg


They danced the Last Waltz…

Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon were still on the floor for ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’ which was the very last dance. They looked very happy…

waltzing 4.jpg




It was an absolutely wonderful party to mark the beginning of summer!

Yours, dizzy from tripping the light fantastic,


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  1. And the picture of the Agent and LL tripping the light fantastic together?

    • Alas, not a chance – the Agent does not ‘do’ dancing!

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