It’s Time to Put the Pressure On!

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It’s Time to Put the Pressure On!


I’m having some qualms about cycling to Paris. Look what’s been posted on the Royal British Legion’s Facebook page:

Less than three weeks to the starting pistol, how’s the training going?

Are you working on your average speed, long distances, uphill slogging (we’ve heard the approach to Dover is tough) – or are you putting your feet up and preserving your energy?

pedal2Paris week 3

That word ‘slogging’ sounds dubious; don’t you think the RBL gurus are trying to tell me something? I sense the bit about putting my feet up and preserving my energy is code for LOL.

The comments that other Pedal2Paris riders are leaving on the RBL Facebook page are also giving me pause for thought. Several mention 100 mile + training rides which ‘help to get saddle time’.

 Oh no…. And now the Agent has kitted me out so beautifully, I can’t even blame my tools.

panic attack1

Yours feeling quite sick about that approach to Dover,

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  1. Stiff gin and tonic for me

    • How about a cup of strong tea in one hand & a drip of stiff G & T going through a canula in the other?

  2. I thought peloton was a kind of games like boules?

    • I’ve discovered this whole new language; everyone else seems to be fluent and I can’t even find a dictionary….aaggghhh stress…!

  3. Good luck, Lady Liberty! We know you can do it! Have a cup of strong tea (my mum’s solution for most things) and tackle the nearest hills!

    • Oh thank you Kate, I shall drink a cup of strong tea immediately and toast you and your mum – I really appreciate your support.

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