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Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Sunflower!

Club notes: Tonight we’re watching the very last episode in the ‘Foyle’s War: The Complete Collection’ set of DVDs which I was given for my birthday last year by the Agent.



During our Friday Night Club meetings, we have watched:

The German Woman

The White Feather

A lesson in Murdaer

Eagle Day

Fifty Ships

Among the Few

War Games

The Funk Hole

The French Drop

Enemy Fire

They Fought in the Fields

A War of Nerves


Bad Blood

Bleak Midwinter

Casualties of War

Plan of Attack

Broken Souls

All Clear

The Russian House

Killing Time

The Hide

The Eternity Ring

The Cage

& Sunflower (tonight’s episode)


Tonight therefore marks the temporary suspension of our International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club until the next 3 episodes of Foyle’s War are aired.

Club Minutes:

Apologies: The Graf  (Club Chairman) who is summering in Sweden.

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids, Miss Peppermint and British Detectives from America.  (Actual): Lady Egality (Club Treasurer), Lady Liberty (Club Secretary) Lady Sebright, Colonel  Pyncheon.

Venue:  Castle Coop and various international locations.


1. As we are watching the last episode of the Foyle’s War Collection, we are all trying to decide which has been our absolute top favourite episode so far and why.

2.Tonight the Actual Members will be drinking tea with a whiskey shot (in honour of DCS C Foyle) and eating Flapjacks (which we all like and Lady Sebright has made a huge tinful – yum!).

3. A reminder to all Club Members – don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting. Our one for tonight has Sergeant Milnerin. I know he has been written out but for tonight, I wanted a picture of the original three!

all 3 in Foyles-War1.jpg



Tonight we will be watching: Episode 3 , Series 7*: ‘Sunflower”



Foyle investigates a former Nazi SS officer Strasser (Lars Eidinger), now protected by MI5 in exchange for providing Russian intelligence. Threats, a bullet and sunflower refer to Operation Sunflower 1944 in France, where Strasser ordered 26 surrendered American soldiers shot, but claims he was elsewhere at a desk. American officials want him turned over as a war criminal. Meanwhile, Sam orders a phone tap after Adam suspects a government minister of illegal land speculation when a complainant is viciously assaulted. (source: Wikipedia)



A Slip-up:

The U.S. Flag flying outside the Embassy has the wrong configuration of stars. In 1946 the 48 stars were in a block formation (even rows) The flag shown had staggered rows.(Source: www.imdb.com)



Memorable Dialogue (given its context at the end of the series):


Samantha Stewart: Where to, sir?

Christopher Foyle: Good question.


What a relief that we know now that the answer to Sam’s question turned out to be ...towards 3 more episodes which are in the can!



Having thought about it, I’ve decided that ‘Bleak Midwinter’ is the episode I’d take to a desert island.  Some of it was filmed in Odiham  where I go nearly every day & it’s so exciting to walk about knowing that DCS Foyle, Sergeant Milner and Sam Stewart were all actually there!

Which episode would you take if you were marooned?

Yours, keenly awaitng the next installment in 2015 and thanking all our virtual members -Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids, Miss Peppermint and British Detectives from America – for their loyal virtual attendance  and informative comments (eg. about why men stopped wearing the fabulous Fedora).

On behalf of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club Committee, I should like raise a mug of tea and a shot glass to wish you all ‘Au Revoir until 2015 & Good Health’ and to say we all feel we’ve made some wonderful new friendships!

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  1. I live in California, but we have Foyle’s War on Netflix. This is in the top three best shows I’ve ever seen. And you are right, they get better and better.

    • Hi Joye, How great to hear from a fellow Foyle’s War fan! Would you like to become a virtual member of our Friday Night Foyle’s War Club? The American branch is quite strong already and the Graf, Lady Egality and all of us would love to have you join us ! There is a great forum site http://quietlyenigmatic.ca/qe/ about Foyle’s War which is regularly updated which is really welcoming. California sounds an absolutely lovely place to live!

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