Foyle’s War is Back! Part One

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Foyle’s War is Back! Part One





It’s true!



Foyle's War is back!


The most fab detective ever will be back on screen tomorrow (Sunday, Jan.4th, 8.00pm ITV) with a brand new series! As our Foyle’s War Friday Night Club Secretary, I am absolutely delighted to announce that there will be a meeting for all club members tomorrow night, 8.00pm here at my house, Castle Coop. Virtual members will of course be most warmly welcomed.

We shall be watching High Castle, the first episode of the new series. A bottle of fizz will definitely be opened to celebrate!

Over the Moon - Foyle's War!

High Castle:

 High Castle, focuses on the American oil companies who worked closely with IG Farben (Germany’s biggest oil company) to provide fuel essential for Hitler’s War Machine.

This episode touches on the Nuremberg trials and the lesser known story of thirty executives from IG Farben who built their own concentration camp near Auschwitz called Monowitz.

Foyle is drawn into their world when a London University Professor, William Knowles, is found dead in a park after working as a translator in Germany.

It looks like he may have taken a bribe to carry information back to England for a suspected Nazi war criminal; Herman Linz. When the Nazi war criminal is found dead, Foyle is under no illusion that foul play is behind the academic’s murder.

Sam decides to step up her role at work and volunteers for a risky undercover job and Foyle, unaware of her pregnancy, agrees.

Source: TV

Below is a link to the youtube trailer:

In an interview with The Telegraph, Anthony Horowitz says:

…The fact that we have managed to continue so long I put down to the really extraordinary, true stories that we have found, working from the start with the Imperial War Museum. This year, those include the industrialists’ trials in Nuremberg, a secret plot by the British government to limit the number of Jews emigrating to Israel, and a scandal within Churchill’s secret army.

It’s strange that we would never have been able to tell these stories to a mass audience if we were not seen and promoted as a “murder mystery” show. Certainly, I’ve lost count of the number of dead bodies and red herrings that have mounted up over the years. But the greatest pleasure, for me, has been not the crimes but the way we have been able to explore this extraordinary period in British history. These are stories that deserve to be told and I’m proud that we have told so many of them – often for the first time – in Foyle’s War.

The Friday Night Club reconvenes!

Yours thrilled to be reaching for the fedora once again,

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  1. missed the first 15 mins so have recorded on ITV +1, exciting stuff, can’t wait.

    • Yay for ITV +1! How is your new life – is it full of packing cases? Have been thinking of you over Christmas; was in Winchester and remembered our lovely day! Do hope all is well.

    • Hi, thank you for our cards too! Still got some boxes left to sort and then try to put things in the right places! Looking forward to exploring more. Can you txt me your home address? I don’t have it and would love to keep in touch.

    • of course I will – and when you need to go to London, you can stay here in Castle Coop with us!

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