Foyle’s War: Among the Few

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‘Among the Few’

Liberty Hen is delighted to be hosting the 6th meeting of the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club tonight.



Minutes from the last Meeting:

Apologies: Colonel Pyncheon, Digby D’s mother

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D and ayresorchids.  (Actual): Lady Egality (Club Treasurer), The Graf and Lady Liberty (Club Secretary), Lady Sebright


1.The I.F.N.F.W.C Committee members were most put out by the last minute defection of Colonel Pyncheon a week ago. He was lured off the straight and narrow by Sir Plym and the Agent and persuaded to go and watch the Dogs race at Wimbledon Stadium. Colonel Pyncheon subsequently redeemed himself writing a very polite note of apology which the Committee members were pleased to accept. The Committee members were also (very) pleased to accept a bottle of champagne which the Colonel has most kindly donated with the suggestion that we might all enjoy it tonight whilst watching ‘Among the Few’. Therefore, the Club Secretary has put it in the fridge and set out some glasses. Lady Egality is i.c. drawing the champagne cork as the Graf and I always fizz up the bubbles too much when we try to do it.

2. A Fire Engine was spotted outside the Ox and Moose earlier this month. The cause was apparently a chimney fire which was put out and the smoke damaged has been repaired. The Agent and Sir Plym therefore remain un-signed to our Club. However, Lady Egality (Treasurer) and Lady Liberty (Secretary) are working on them. 

3. If any Virtual Member would like to introduce a new member to the Club, please remember to emphasise we eat delicious biscuits during meetings. Tonight’s biscuits are to be supplied by Lady Sebright and will be Ginger- nuts.

4. A reminder to all Club Memebers – virtual and actual: Don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting. Following a brilliant suggestion by a ‘Quietly Enigmatic’ correspondent, Liberty Hen has glued a photograph of DCS Foyle onto her bicycle bell to encourage effort during her ‘Pedal to Paris’ training. This week, the bell will be on the table next to the TV while the picture glue is drying.


We shall be watching Episode 2, Series 2: Among the Few:

‘Among the Few’ is set in September, 1940.

Plot outline (Wikipedia)

 At a Home Guard checkpoint, Foyle and Sam are surprised by a lorry that rams the barricade and speeds off. When the pursuit culminates, they inadvertently uncover an illicit fuel racket stemming from the local centralised fuel depot. Unable to find a better agent, Foyle allows Sam, using her driving training, to infiltrate the depot run by manager Michael Bennett. She befriends another female driver, Connie Dewar, and is soon invited to the singles world of dances, enlisted men, and “neutral” Irish labourers. She is surprised to learn that one of the young men in Connie’s group is Andrew Foyle. Andrew’s best friend, and Connie’s beaux is another RAF pilot named Rex Talbot. Soon Sam notices an irregularity at the depot, when Connie fails to fully empty the tanker, but before anything can be done, Connie is found dead. Foyle’s investigations reveal how Rex’s secret crush on Andrew led to Connie’s accidental death; that Connie was pregnant when she died; that the father was the local nightclub manager—an ex-crook tied up with the thefts and the attempted bombing of the depot, and; Pamela Bennett’s complicity to the thefts.


N.B.: This episode introduces petrol theft and black-marketing in the new era of wartime rationing, in which petrol was the first item to be restricted.




Yours very glad there’s no question of wartime rationing tonight as I’m looking forward to the Champagne and Ginger-nuts,

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  1. Love the “Keep Calm” art! Sometimes it’s hard to keep calm when watching Foyle doing what he does best, but no one’s perfect! Count me in on tonight’s “Among The Few” view!

    • We’ll be virtually all together watching and trying to keep calm! So good to hear from you – hope you are well.

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