Decorations! Christmas preparations: part 2

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More Christmas preparations…

Christmas Decorations

The agent and I have been very busy decorating our house so that it looks festive for Christmas.

First we decorated our kitchen with snowmen:

Then we decorated the hall and strung up our Christmas cards so as to be able to see them all properly:

christmas hall2

Then we decorated the dining room:

christmas dining room 2

And then the drawing room.

christmas drawing room 3

Finally, we did the most important part:

The Christmas Tree!

The agent & I always put the same decorations on the tree every year; it wouldn’t seem the same with new ornaments. The angel for the top of the tree was made years ago by one of our chicks out of a paper doily and I love it very much.

Do you have Christmas decoration traditions too?

llh dressing tree cropped

Yours covered in tinsel,

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  1. I realize I neglected to say the most important thing in my earlier comment, which is it all looks lovely!

    • Thank you – it is fine until it starts falling down on our heads.

  2. I greatly regret that due to external circumstances entirely beyond my control you will have to leave your cards strung up till January 15th before Digby’s offering can be added. I am however very taken with the jaunty hats slung over the chair – a novel approach to decking the halls that hadn’t occurred to me. We have our trees (3) all festooned – these are all organized by different colour schemes (none of which alas, match Emilio’s pink wellingtons which have been much in evidence this winter!)

    • I would love to have pink wellies. I remember Emilio’s well. 3 trees sound pretty impressive – photographs please?

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