#Coronaviruslockdown: a new motto for Castle Coop!

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A New Motto for Castle Coop!

Walking the dog very early this morning, The Agent heard Brown Owl busily raising the flag on the village flagpole. She was completely hidden from view however, by a new and enormous easel propped up outside the Village Hall.

By 7.30am, a round robin email had plopped into all Castle Coop inboxes. It announced that, inspired by the Queen’s ‘We’ll meet again’ TV broadcast, Brown Owl has taken an executive decision & acted upon it.

For the duration of the coronavirus crisis, the flag will fly to bolster our spirits. ‘Do Your Bit & Crack On ‘ is to be Castle Coop’s new village motto.

Yours, cheering on everyone’s efforts to help get the world through this horrible time.

Take good care & crack on…


  1. Well said Lady Liberty, I hope this will be going around Castle Coop at a rate of knots. Spectacular illustration may I say, perhaps the flag should be flying from the flagpole. Definitely for H.M’s upcoming birthday.

    • Don’t worry, dearest Lady E; Brown Owl will see to it! She wants us to make a banner with the motto on & stretch it across The Street – I suppose we’ll have to fasten it from the flag pole to the telegraph pole opposite – it will be on a bit of a diagonal & how do you hold a ladder while keeping 2ms apart? Some of her ideas aren’t that easily followed out. We’ll take care to put up Lady Lohmann-Brown’s flag with the embroidered crown on for H.M’s birthday. Is it in one of the drawers in the V.H? Missing you & dear Sir Plym more than you can know.xxx

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