Christmas preparations in Castle Coop…part 1

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We’re all getting ready for Christmas in Castle Coop…

Village Hall Christmas Events:

The Chairman of the Village Hall hosted the Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday.  Brown Owl organised games and races which were a great success and the Brownies all won points towards their ‘Hostess Badges’ as they made Fairy Cakes and served them up at tea-time.

Then the Hall was cleared for Christmas Carols

The whole thing went off better than I’d feared. No-one seemed to mind the bishes I made and everyone was very kind about my dodgy notes on The First Nowell.


Christmas Decorating:

The agent absolutely loves Christmas! He bought a beautiful wreath for me to hang up on our Front Door. Virtually every house in Castle Coop has a wreath on its Front Door and they make the village look very festive.

llh wreath hanging cropped


 Presents to go under the tree:

When the agent & I went shopping in WinchesterI bought Lady Egality her Christmas present.

LLH christmas shopping4


It was an easy shape to wrap and I didn’t get in too much of a tangle with the sellotape. The Christmas paper looks quite like the Maran family tartan. It took me all afternoon to get everything the agent and I had chosen as presents for our friends and family all parcelled up safely. I had the radio on loudly as I love humming along to all my favourite Christmas songs when wrapping.

llh wrapping presents cropped


I do so hope Lady E likes her present!

Yours whilst eating a mince pie,

LLH signature



  1. Well we are all greatly delighted at your return after the long silence. (Well, except perhaps Billy who wanted to know why his present wasn’t identified.) Meanwhile there has been a vigorous debate here over the proper way to prepare mince pies. Perhaps you could share your recipe? Your faithful readers also want to know how the music crisis at the carol singing was resolved.

    • Please, please reassure Billy that the only reason his present wasn’t arrowed is that it was far too enormous for me to carry and I had to arrange for it to be delivered. Coincidentally, (given your mince pie quandry), ever since Col. Pyncheon guest-posted about his Slow Glow recipe, Miss. Pepperpot has been on at me to allow her to guest-post too. Perhaps she has a signature recipe for mince pies… You inquire about how the music crisis was resolved…frankly, the less said about it, the better. It involved a magnificent effort from the village newbie pianist and several wrong notes from LLH.

    • I’ve been gadding – hence the pause. Tennis at the Albert Hall to see MacEnroe & other good jaunts.

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