The Ceramic Poppies have arrived!

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The Ceramic Poppies have arrived…



& they’re so beautiful!


Ceramic Poppy Booklet

The 5 ceramic poppies – bought in honour of the 5 soldiers who enlisted from Castle Coop and who were killed in WW1 – have arrived safely.

Poppy with certificate



Here they all are:


5 ceramic poppies


Just as each soldier was an individual so each of the ceramic poppies is different from all the others.

ceramic poppy 1













Ceramic Poppy 2









Ceramic Poppy 3










Ceramic Poppy 4









Ceramic Poppy 5




















I can’t get my head round holding these poppies here in Castle Coop,  knowing that they were part of that incredible display at the Tower of London. It is amazing to think that those poor 5 soldiers who were killed, all have their own poppies now, right here in the village they once lived in…

poppies 1


What a thrill!

Yours feeling rather awestruck,

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  1. They are beautiful. It was a moving tribute.

    • Oh I so agree; the designers, Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, did such an amazing job dreaming it up.

  2. My two arrived last week while I was away. They were left on the doorstep in full view but luckily my daughter rescued them next day. Isn’t it great the way each one is different because they are hand made.

    • Yes, the fact that they’re all different is absolutely fab; it makes one remember that the men and women who died were all their own selves as well as statistics.
      I’m so glad that your daughter arrived in time to rescue yours – gosh, when you think of what might have happened…

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