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Hen’s Teeth!

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Hen’s Teeth!


Hen’s Teeth!

Recently, the Agent and I have not been seeing quite eye to eye on certain topics, namely teeth and frightening professionals in white coats.   This morning we were hardly on speaking terms.

A Small Falling Out!

In fact, we have had a small falling out as the Agent has been advising me to go to the Dentist

dentist tools













Just look at these horrific looking instruments!

The beast!

And what about this horror?

dentist drill







Doesn’t it strike a chill into the very core of your heart? It certainly does into mine. The Agent knows perfectly well what a coward I am and he still went ahead and said to Dr. Lamona when we met up at the May Bank Holiday Barbecue, that I’d like to book an appointment to have my teeth checked!  What!!!!  Can you believe it?

The dreaded white coat:

Dr. Lamona of the Dreaded White Coat, is a lot more fiercesome wielding her terrifying scrapers and drills,  than her husband Dr. Asil who is gentle and lovely while he pumps up blood pressure cuffs and writes out prescriptions. I don’t think Dr. Lamona believes in’ bedside manner’. And..there’s no accidentally forgetting on purpose to turn up to the appointment as her receptionist sends out stern reminders to attend and they ping up on one’s mobile.

 The Chair!

dentist chair 1




Aaggghhh! Doesn’t that picture give you the heebie jeebies? And why do dentists always ask for the low-down on one’s holiday plans just when one’s mouth is stuck wide open? Dr. Lamona only lives round the corner and knows perfectly well that I’m not going away until the Poppy Pedal to Paris ride.


Yay – I escaped!

Hurrah!!! I only had to have my teeth cleaned! I was out of that chair (almost)  faster than you can say the alphabet backwards. What a relief! Now it’s all over, I can be truthful and admit that actually Dr. Lamona isn’t really as terrifying as I thought. Or she isn’t now anyway. By the time my next appointment is looming, I suspect she may have morphed into the White Coat Horror once again.

A happy knock-on effect:

A happy knock-on effect of my escape from the drill, is that this evening finds the Agent and me in complete harmony. He is again my convivial partner in life. Possibly though in 6 months time, there might be another dental crisis on the domestic front.

When facing the dentist, are you brave and sensible (as is the Agent) or weedy and cowardly like me?


(N.B. please say weedy and cowardly so I’m not the only one…)

Yours with sparklingly clean teeth,


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Post script: for a most encouraging link, please see ayersorchids’ thoughtful comment below!

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