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A Magic Button makes everything ok!

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A Magic Button makes everything ok!


A Magic Button Saves the Day!


New Pedals for the Poppy Bike


The Agent spent a long time yesterday replacing the ordinary pedals on the Poppy Bike with some new ‘click-in/click-out’ ones for my  Pedal Power cycling shoes which he gave me the other day.


I stood by and admired while he and Chick Min wielded specialist spanners. The pedals are much smaller than the ones I’ve always used before:








This afternoon I tried out my new shoes on the bike. The Agent held me up on one side and Chick Min held me up on the other. I definitely recommend clinging on to someone while trying to get the hang of clicking the cleats of new shoes into these pedals.




As soon as they let go of me, I fell off.




Every time I fell off, I remained hopeful that I’d get the knack of the click-in pedals with the next effort. After watching me wobbling round and round getting nowhere, the Agent seemed on the verge of a breakdown and needed to go inside to lie down. Chick Min kept trying to work out what I was doing wrong. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get the hang of the Pedal Power shoes.

But..Look what I found just in time! The Agent needn’t have worried!

A Magic Button to press and make everything ok!


Miracle produire par magie!

Zauberhaft Magie!




Here is the magic button link so you can solve all your problems too:

make everything ok button


I love this button! I love these Power Pedal shoes!

I”ve just come back from a trial ride out on the road with a kindly supporting escort in case of accidents –  Chick Mi rode in front of me and Chick Min behind. I rode in state in the middle and managed to click- in /click-out of the pedals loads of times; it all worked absolutely brilliantly! The shoes and pedals are really fantastic. They make a huge difference going uphill;  you can stand up so easily if the gradient is a bit testing. Even just going along on the flat is better as the shoes harness power more efficiently; you can push down while pedalling and also pull up.

Pedal Power shoes and the Make Everything Ok Button – a winning combination! I hope you find this magic button as useful as I have!

Yours, wishing you a very Happy Easter and very Many Happy Returns to my dear Correspondent, Digby D whom I hope will enjoy a very, very happy Birthday on Easter Sunday! ,

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P.S. Having discovered that Martha the dog (in a quest to eat up the cat’s food as a small post-prandial snack) has broken my best 10 wine glasses and a jug, I’ve just tried out the ‘make everything ok’ button again to see if it worked under extreme conditions. And it actually managed to make me laugh!


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