Fly me to the Moon!

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Look! Isn’t this beautiful? This is my own particular view of the moon from my bedroom window!






(video uploaded onto youtube by Beanz2u)

I have just learnt that Frank Sinatra’s version of “Fly me to the Moon” was played for the Apollo 10 astronauts during their lunar mission. I shall always think of the astronauts singing along in their rocket when I hear that song now… and of this piece of film which never fails to astonish me.

This week, item no. 2 on my ‘Castle Coop Good Things’ list is:

 As yet, no-one has put up any street lamps. 

When it gets dark, you can sometimes see a little bobbing light waving about outside; it will be a neighbour finding his way around by torchlight for the only other sources of light to see by come from the moon, the stars and the lighted houses. I love looking at both the night sky above the fields and at the houses lining the village street, with their illuminated windows .

sky 3.use

On clear nights, I can look up at the sky, admire the moon and see hundreds and hundreds of stars. The agent has bought a telescope which he sets up sometimes in the middle of the garden; we look through it and he tells me how to identify the constellations.

LLH stargazing

It is absolutely fascinating.

Yours starrily,




  1. I am surprised that LL is not wearing a capacious coat to stay warm for star-gazing (written as I look balefully out at snow on the ground!) If I remember correctly, Fly Me to the Moon is played at the end of Space Cowboys as Tommy Lee Jones lies on the moon’s surface. Always liked that film.
    Congratulations on raising 300 pounds!

    • I’m wearing thermals!
      Haven’t seen Space Cowboys & seeing as it has your stamp of approval, I shall rent it immediately from itunes.

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