Don’t ignore tyre pressure. Riding around with soft tyres can open up a can of worms, full of inconvenience, as well as dragging down your spirit and top speed. Always check your tyres before heading out on a ride; some thinner walled inner tubes can lose between 5 and 20psi a day. Either give them a squeeze by applying firm pressure to the top with your thumb or ping them with a firm flick of the finger. They should produce a drum-like hollow sound and feel very firm when at the correct pressure. Use a good floor pump with an accurate gauge to get the correct inflation, then learn to identify by feel when you’ve reached that correct pressure, for those times you’ll be using your hand pump by the road- or trailside.

Gosh – I had no idea I risked so much, riding around with poorly inflated tyres. Can of Worms …inconvenience …dragging down my spirit and my top speed... What??? Thank you BikeRadar for putting me straight and telling me how to get my PSI sorted.


In a trice, I learnt  that  PSI means ‘Pounds per Square Inch‘ and the correct PSI is written on the tyre. I then applied myself to pinging and producing the required ‘drum-like hollow sound...’ on the Poppy Bike.

bike with pump1.jpg.jpg

 In a jiffy, the pressure gauge went from this:

bike pump pressure gauge 3.jpg.jpg

to this:

bike pump pressure gauge5.jpg

Yours, feeling pleasingly competent (although £2.00 down),

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