The Road to Self-Improvement

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Brown Owl has published a pamphlet of Useful Sayings to catch the Village Hall Coffee Morning Market. It is full of timely advice for those trudging along The Road to Self-Improvement.

Unfortunately, despite my regular New Year resolutions to evolve into a fine upstanding villager, I have noticed that far from being healthy, wealthy and wise this morning, I am in fact, barely functioning.


Barely functioning

As you may imagine, I am determined to pinpoint exactly how I got myself into this sorry state &

  1. learn from it
  2. get a grip for the future.

Where I went Wrong:

Last night, I didn’t go to bed early. In fact, I didn’t go to bed at all.  After supper, the Agent went to bed and I decided to watch the first episode of  ‘The Crown’ on Netflix. Be warned! Newly wise after the event, I now know I made not just one but two bad errors of judgement.

Mistake #1.  I signed up to Netflix

Mistake #2. by snuggling up on a bean bag with lots of cushions under a rug, I made myself too warm and cosy.


Having enjoyed Episode 1 very much, I thought I’d quickly watch Episode 2:watching-netflix-1

& Episodes 3, 4, 5…watching-netflix-2

& Episodes 7, 8…..watching-netflix-3

& Episodes 9, 10 …

…ZZZ zzzz  zzz zzThe Road to Self Improvement 1

Yours vowing never to binge watch Netflix again,

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  1. Hi Miss Liberty! Or should I say “Good day Miss Hen!”? I don’t know how you did all of them in one night. I’ve two left to go to get through season 2 and the most I binged was 3 in an evening. Loving this series! How long until Season 3 I shall research. Just thinking about you and thought I’d pop in here. Hugs from across the ocean!

    • Hi Julie, how lovely you are to pop in and I’m so glad you have and thank you for your hugs which I’m returning from Castle Coop! I’m currently watching Season 2 as well – just seen the one in which the Queen kicks the Duke of Windsor into touch for his dubious political leanings during WW2. I don’t know when they’re filming season 3 – as far as I know, they haven’t finished casting yet. Happy 2018!

  2. Your drawings are so cool! I have a rule that I never start watching netflix after 9:30 on weekdays. Ah!

    • Hi Becca, I’m glad you like my pictures! What an extremely wise rule – I shall adopt it immediately.

  3. Curiously there is an article in our local paper this morning on the joys of “snail watching” – stockpiling up episodes of some series to watch during the dark days when it is taken off the air.

    • The Awesome Hen must be #internationallytrendingnow.

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