Romantic Poetry for Valentine’s Day

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 Romantic Poetry Lives!


The Telegraph online Culture Section has published its Top Ten poems for Valentine’s Day.   Romantic poetry is essential for this time of the year. I don’t know what the criteria for making the Telegraph Top Ten were but the poem I like best on its list,  is called, “I Wanna Be Yours” and is by John Cooper Clarke.

Here are the lines the paper quotes:

..let me be your electric meter

I will not run out

let me be the particular heater

you get cold without

According to the Telegraph’s  Fiona Baird and Felicity Capon,  “Punk performance poet John Cooper Clarke’s humorous, energetic poem will resonate with anyone who is madly in love and desperately trying to articulate their feelings.” 


 In case you are madly in love….


I did some investigative research straight away and found the rest of the poem which has been turned into a song by The Arctic Monkeys.  I include the link in case you are madly in love and desperately trying to articulate your feelings.


Personally speaking, I am very taken by the whole idea of begging to be the Agent’s vacuum cleaner and leccy meter instead of his Summer’s Day, his Coy Mistress or his Red,Red Rose etc. etc. Sometimes the traditional approach just doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

Yours feeling very pro Mr. J. Cooper Clarke, The Arctic Monkeys and romantic poetry,

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  1. Apparently Sir Plym has invested in a card this year so, Lady E not being used to such gestures has been fluttering around in the middle of nowhere looking for something similar which was difficult with Sir P constantly at her side. In the end, in desperation, she has done a Touchnote card which is where one sends a photo off online and it’s made into a card. She’s hoping it will be delivered tomorrow just as Sir Plym presents his card with a flourish. Hoping……..

    • I’m sure it will be amazing and that Sir P will be so pleased! It sounds incredibly high tech and very impressive; how fab to be a whizz with IT! I hope that we’re going to have a flourishy breakfast here tomorrow…

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