Reading for my Ride to Paris

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Reading for my Ride to Paris:


The Agent has been laughing his head off at me because he caught me studying ‘Cycling Weekly’ which I gather is the UK’s best-selling cycling magazine.





Don’t you think this week’s edition looks interesting?

CW cropped


I’ve told him sternly he may laugh if he likes but although it’s true I may not exactly measure up to the prowess of the target readership of ‘Cycling Weekly’, I am considering taking out a subscription. If I’m going to be able to cycle to Paris in September, it’s simply not good enough to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I need to think myself into the role. Perhaps the Agent hasn’t heard of  ‘Method Acting‘.

Now that I have:

  • a beautiful bike to try to ride to Paris on
  • dear little lights which flash fore and aft from my helmet.
  • a training schedule as approved by the Poppy Bike Ride organisers
  • amazing magic clip-in cycling shoes and pedals
  • a  username for map-my-ride so I can log my training sorties
  • some WD40
  • a ticket from Paris to London on Eurostar to return home with….

‘Cycling Weekly’ might prove to be essential reading. I need to learn how to be ‘mentally prepared ‘!


This week’s edition:

This week’s edition has been very informative. I’ve read about techniques for effective uphill training, how to avoid DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness), interval training and the best ways to coping with potholes on the road. There was also an encouraging article called, ‘Starting afresh…you’re never too old..’


I love the sound of ‘Cycling cafés’; they sound fun!

cycle cafe cropped


The April weather has meant my recent forays out on the Poppy Bike have been rather damp ones. Cycling in the rain is much better fun than I ever dreamed it could be. Other cyclists have started to nod their heads at me and it feels very convivial.

Lady Liberty training in rain


Yours, luckily without any delayed-onset muscle soreness thanks to my new-found knowledge gleaned from ‘Cycling Weekly’,

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  1. I hope you are not doing this ride on that thing in the photo above ! It’s covered in foliage, amongst other issues, and it doesn’t look as if it is over-burdened with gears !!

    • You’re just jealous – it’s an awesome bike and I love it!

  2. I’m feeling rather pathetic at only being able to manage one bike ride so far and now you’re way too “P” for me and your 100 yards ahead will now be at least 400 yards with your pedal-thingeys. SO, my suggestion is that I meet you at identified cycling bistros on your training routes so as to be able to give pep talks, embrocation rubs for DOMS and convivial conversation over hot chocolate or cappucino. Perhaps you should also email Mr. Hart to inform him of your venture as I think he will be very interested to know about DOMS. Yours with huge respect and admiration, Lady E.

    • I love the idea of hot chocolates and cappucini at cycling bistros. Yay!!!

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