Power Napping

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The Agent & I decided to spend an industrious New Year’s Eve afternoon catching up on the post Election news and a Christmas book but unfortunately we both fell fast asleep by mistake.

Post Christmas snooze

On the plus side, our post prandial nap might mean we’ll have the energy to dance the night away at the Castle Coop New Year’s Eve bash in the Village Hall …if I can drag The Agent away from the James Bond film on TV…

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very happy New Year’s Eve welcoming in 2020!


  1. Welcome back, Awesome Hen. Love hearing from and about you, keep it coming xx

    • Hello dear Nick, hope you and Mrs M are having a wonderful NYE; C & J would like to say how much they wish they could be with you tonight to welcome in 2020 in lovely Corney. Also, Sir Plym and Lady E who are currently jiving in the Village Hall, have asked me to pass on their best and to say Happy New Year dear Mr and Mrs M!!!

  2. Hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve dance and that 2020 is an improvement on 2019.

    • Fingers crossed on both counts.I’m currently worrying that The Agent looks a bit too gripped by ‘Spectre’. Hope you have a lovely New year’s eve – are you staying in or going out? Or … watching James Bond?

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