On My Poppy Bike (part 2)

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It’s pouring with rain today so the village is awash with umbrellas and wellies.  The polite car drivers slow down but others just steam through the puddles on the road splashing those of us on foot as if we didn’t matter.  We think they are extremely rude.


Back home at Castle Coop, I am now warm and dried out from my wet walk in the rain, with a beautifully hot little tasse de café right by me. I have checked my in-box: (ladylibertyhen@gmail.com) and look what I have found waiting for me there!


Dear Lady Liberty,


Thank you for registering your interest in our bike rides for 2014!

I am delighted to announce that the dates for our Pedal to Paris bike ride in 2014 are 4th – 8th September. Put the dates in your diary now and look out for an email that will land in your inbox in November with full details of all our rides in 2014 as well as how to register. In the meantime you can find out more about the Pedal to Paris route and timings here.

If you could also confirm the postal address where you would like your Royal British Legion bike rides information pack sent this will be coming out at the end of the year.



If you have any questions about any of our bike rides please let me know.


Many thanks for all your support.


Best wishes,



Events Manager

London SE1 1AA


Oh Graham, thank you very, very much. How exciting is this?!! I absolutely love the brilliant map with all the poppy pins that jumped out at me when I pressed the red ‘here’ in your email. I shall reply straight away to ask if you would very kindly please mail your information pack to Castle Coop asap.

What a lucky thing Ms. Jillian Michaels can take charge of my strength and fitness. I feel very positive about all of this biking ahead of me!


Yours energetically – albeit from an armchair just at the moment,


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