Mad Dogs and Englishmen…

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Mad Dogs and Englishmen…


Early this morning, as it was such a beautiful sunshiny day,

I decided to go for a relaxing spin on my bike.

Relaxing? LOL.



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Yours remembering with heartfelt nostalgia, those summer days back in July when the sun came out & stayed out & my bike rides were so much more straightforward,





  1. The critical letter here is “s”, referencing the multitude of outhouses you have on the Coop estate – I was only proposing you convert one of them into a cafe, thus leaving all the others available for mowers,barbeques and the like. And consider how convenient it would be for you to have the coffee right on hand after a hard day on the lawns.

  2. Digby D, please leave my outhouses out of this ! They are for mowers and all sorts of useful BIY implements…….. Yes, BIY !

  3. Actually have often thought that you could develop a profitable sideline, should you choose, by converting one of the Castle Coop outhouses into a cafe – succulent bacon sandwiches on offer. No doubt the Chairman and Agent would wish to take occasional turns running off some hamburgers or whole pigs!

    • The Agent & the Chairman of the Village Hall are busy getting organised to host the Castle Coop Autumn Clear-Up Barbecue next Saturday. They’ve just putting in the hamburger & sausage order to the farm shop & Sir Plym has sent round flyers.

  4. I am disturbed to find that there is an appalling falsehood on the Lady Liberty site – “Lady Liberty Hen is a hopeless cook.” This is completely untrue – I can produce many witnesses, including both Billy and Emilio, to the fact that Lady Liberty is an extremely accomplished chef who whips up splendid meals at the drop of a hat!

    • This comment from kind Digby D has occasioned peals of laughter from the Hen household.

  5. Sir Plym and I will be back from Scotland soon darling.

    • Can’t wait as we all miss you both so much. Hope you’re having a wonderful time. What does Shadow make of her first holiday?

  6. Liberty darling, you’ll catch your death out on that bike in the rain.

    • Dearest Lady E, Please don’t worry – I’m very tough. Hope you aren’t getting wet through up in the Highlands xxxx

  7. You are so funny, I enjoy your posts immensely!

    • Oh wow – thank you so much; you’ve made my day!

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