Keep Calm and Watch Foyle’s War!

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The International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club


Tonight will be the 5th meeting of our Club. I hope all Members will have a great evening in and succeed in Keeping Calm in virtual Hastings!



Minutes from the last Meeting:

Apologies: none –

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D and ayresorchids.  (Actual): Lady Egality (Club Treasurer), The Graf and Lady Liberty (Club Secretary), Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon.

Absentees: Digby D’s mother will be watching ‘Wives and Daughters’ instead. Incredible.


1.The I.F.N.F.W.C Committee are delighted to welcome Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon who have returned from an enjoyable holiday in India, as new Actual Members.

2. The Club Secretary would like to apologise for cancelling last week’s meeting. To answer kind enquiries, yes thank you , she and the agent had a lovely supper to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

3.It has been agreed that all members should wave the flag by displaying a photograph of DCS Foyle (or similar ) while watching during Club Meetings. MohairMK has pointed out that computer wallpaper makes an excellent twenty-first century alternative to a 3D photograph, if preferred.

4. There has been a lot of feedback re the demise of the Fedora Hat – please see these links (included here incase you didn’t see the last post’s post script.) They are too interesting to miss out on.

5.A Fire Engine was spotted outside the Ox and Moose earlier this week. Although the cause is as yet unknown, this January has been the wettest ever recorded in the UK so Lady Egality thinks the culprit could be the severe flooding. The  Club Treasurer and the Club Secretary are hopeful that if the Pub Cellar has been flooded out, Sir Plym, the Chairman of the Village Hall and the agent might apply for temporary Club Membership (and then become hooked).

7. If any Virtual Member would like to introduce a new member to the Club, please remember to emphasise we eat delicious biscuits during meetings.


We shall be watching Episode 1, Series 2: Fifty Ships:

Fifty Ships is set in Autumn, 1940

The building where Sam lives is partially destroyed by a high-explosive bomb, and Foyle, there to check on Sam, soon learns of the theft of valuables from the damaged building. Now without a place to stay, she bunks temporarily with Paul, until his wife comes home one night unexpectedly, forcing her to sleep in the police cells. Foyle also investigates the apparent suicide of an alcoholic handyman, Richard Hunter, who has Oxford university ties to a visiting American millionaire, Howard Paige. Complicating matters, Hunter’s son Kenneth appears connected to a gang of auxiliary fire-fighter secretly looting bombed-out houses. Meanwhile, Hans Maier, a “Dutch refugee” is found, but he turns out to be a German spy now facing execution. Surprisingly his cousin, the wife of the local doctor, lives nearby and seems complicit in his arrival. In the end, Foyle’s investigations reveal the truth behind Paige’s complicity in both stealing Hunter’s synchromesh concept, and in his murder. Stopped by Paige’s minder from arresting him, Foyle vows to bring him to justice after the war.

Wikipedia )

*Here is a poster I’ve made for Club Members to cut out and keep!


keep calm fw



Yours artistically,

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  1. Yes!! Count me in for the meeting of the IFNFWC tonight!!

    “50 Ships” is one of my very favorite episodes, especially the last scene, where Foyle wipes that smirk off of Paige’s face with the most classic speech he has ever delivered. Wouldn’t want to get on Foyle’s bad side…

    Kichenettes, unite! Foyle’s War TONIGHT!!

    • I love Foyle’s expressions when Sam starts talking about the synchromesh gearing system and when Elizabeth makes a pass at him. I gather that Paige is going to get his comeuppance in the series they’re filming at the moment – have you heard that?
      I wouldn’t want to get on DCS Foyle’s bad side either!

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