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Inspired by real events in the early Cold War, the new series will see Foyle (Kitchen) immersed in the dangerous world of espionage in his role as a Senior Intelligence Officer for MI5.

Honeysuckle Weeks will reprise her role of Foyle’s trusted ally Samantha Stewart, while thriller writer Anthony Horowitz will again script the new episodes.

The new Foyle’s War will explore the power of American and German industrialists and a major blight of post war Britain – the Black Market.

“We are delighted to see the return of Foyle’s War to ITV,” said ITV’s Head of Drama Series, Jane Hudson.

“Anthony Horowitz has written three outstanding episodes and the audience are in for a real treat. This series also gives us the chance to take the shoot to one of the jewels of the North West, Liverpool.”

The three feature-length episodes will shoot in Liverpool, doubling for post-war London, with transmission planned for 2015.”


Just to refresh the mind and remind one how exciting it is watching DCS Foyle raise his eyebrow while cutting to the chase, here is a trailer from 2013 for the eighth series of Foyle’s War :



“In his role as a Senior Intelligence Officer for the secret service-MI5 Foyle continues to be immersed in the dangerous world of espionage at a time in our country’s history when political and foreign governmental relationships were delicately balanced.

Honeysuckle Weeks also returns to her role as Samantha Stewart, Foyle’s trusted associate and ally who successfully navigates the shadowy world of intelligence and assists her former boss as he seeks to uncover the truth of the cases he investigates.

With each episode scripted by Anthony, he will explore powerful American and German industrialists, the latter from the chemical giant I G Farben, accused of fuelling Hitler’s War Machine, and reflect on the tangled web of promises to the Jews to create a state of Israel in British Palestine. The major blight of post war Britain, the Black Market, will also feature with the focus on some of the darkest secrets from operations conducted by the British secret service during WW2.”

Source: www.crimespreemag.com


I gather that the new episodes are to air on British TV (on ITV) between January  & April 2015. Hurrah! They will be the sugar in the medicine of being cold for months & months. I must go and round up the actual members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club so we can plan our reunion meeting!

Don’t forget, if you would like to join us – The Graf (Chairman), Lady Egality (Treasurer), Col. Pyncheon, Lady Sebright & me (Secretary) watching the new series, sign up to be a virtual member of The International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club!

Yours excitedly,

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  1. Thanks for all the info in your recent IFNFWC news about the new season of Foyle’s War. It will take a bit longer for us in the US to see them, but good to know the time is getting closer!

    • Dear MohairMK – how fab to hear from you – hope you’ve had a lovely summer. Isn’t it the news of the forthcoming episodes exciting! I will take care to post anything I find out about the new season over here in England.

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