I Can’t Sit Down!

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I can’t sit down.

Thanks to my epic inaugural Poppy bike ride training session yesterday, today I can’t move. I am stiff all over and I have a sore bottom & so can’t sit down.

It’s awful. I’ve had to creep about the house ‘gingerly’ all day.

  1. I feel all rusted up – just like the Tin Man before Dorothy oiled his joints. That’s the best way I can think of to describe what’s happened to me. 
  2. I now realise I was far too hasty when I rejected the science behind padded cycling shorts. Never again will I dismiss the notion of cycling in what looks exactly like a giant nappy, as ridiculous. From now on, I will remember to do everything I can to ensure the triumph of comfort – even if at the expense of vanity.


‘Supportive’ emails from the Agent

The Agent seems to find the fact that I can’t sit down, funny. He burst out laughing when he saw me try to negotiate getting into the car this morning and then sent me several ‘supportive’ emails throughout the day, featuring products which he thought might “help”.

I don’t think  this is tactful of him. It’s not a laughing matter. If any properly ‘supportive’ kind reader would care to point this out to the agent using the comment box below, I should be most grateful.

Supper standing up:

This evening I was forced to accept that, as I can’t sit down, I’d have to eat my supper standing up. It is very hard to be dignified  during a crisis when one’s partner in life appears with a broom in one hand and a mop in the other, to which he has ‘helpfully’ attached a knife and fork with rubber bands.


LLH knife and fork cropped

I am having a sense of humour failure. Does this kind of thing ever happen to anyone else? Please comfort me if you can!

Yours stiffly,

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  1. Once upon a time when I started biking I got sore bum and it took me weeks to get over it. My rear just had to get used to the biking.

    • Weeks and weeks???? aaggghhh! Oh Christa, that is deeply depressing but I will try and bear it stoically!

  2. Oh, you poor dear! My husband rides and loves his padded shorts, a good investment as I am sure you have learnt. Your illustrations are adorable, you are very talented!

    • I have learnt my lesson!

  3. Hi Awesome Hen!
    I don’t mean to laugh but must have a giggle at your “leg day: adventure. If you know what this means you may in fact laugh as well. I love your drawings and writing style. I gather you are across the pond from the states and I say Cheers to you for getting on a bike with or without padded protection. 🙂
    Many hugs and look forward to keeping up with your awesome henness 🙂

    • Thanks Jen so much – how great to hear from you and I’m almost laughing – will do properly when I can sit down!

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