Hula hooping!

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Hula Hooping:

I’ve been hula hooping! All weekend…. It’s the most fantastic fun!



Lady Chick Major came to Castle Coop for the weekend and brought her hula hoop.  She and I tried out hooping together.  We twirled round and round together to all sorts of fast whirly songs on the ipod and then tried swirling to slow swoopy music. My hoop kept falling down when I was twirling and swooping but Mrs. Chick Major is awesome! She can do jumps & skips (while waving her arms about at the same time) and still keep going!

hula hooping 3

I keep having another quick go; I think I’m getting addicted. Go and get a hula hoop quickly if you don’t already have one! I can’t believe how much fun it is!

Yours whilst twirling,

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  1. Nice drawings

    • Thanks Lindsey, I’m glad so you like them!

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