Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you’re having a lovely time celebrating Romance…



While I was keeping a low profile and amusing myself watching youtube, I found the ‘couples’ clip from ‘When Harry Met Sally‘. I include it here to celebrate Valentine’s Day because they’re all so fab. Yay for true love!




Watching these couples reminisce about how they fell in love made me think about when the agent and I became engaged. Can you believe a die-hard Manchester United supporter actually left a match at Old Trafford at half time to pick me up from the station and I only learnt about it eleven years later when his brother mentioned it? He never told me… How romantic is that!!! I fell madly in love with him when I found out, all over again!  Don’t you just love finding out how couples got together?

 valentine 2


Yours dreamily,

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N.B. Owing to a warmly received proposal made by the agent that we should step out together this evening for a hot date, with apologies the secretary would like to announce that the 5th meeting of the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club is to be postponed until Friday, February 21st.



  1. Awe Lady Liberty,
    I think leaving a United game is romantic if it was the World Cup even more so haha Sending you a wonderful Valentine day just a few days late. <3

    • Oh Jen, thank you so much! Hope you had a fab Valentine’s Day, xx

  2. Bonjour LL, ici Lady E. Romance abounds in South Devon too. Amid the howling gale and torrential horizontal rain Sir Plymouth produced the most romantic of cards. We stepped out together last evening to avoid the snogging throngs this evening. We’ll be having a quiet a deux chez nous. Viva Valentine’s Day xxx

    • Viva Valentine’s Day – True Love 4 Ever! Come back soon as we all miss you both very muchxxx

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