Get the Party Started!

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Get the Party Started!

as Ms Pink sensibly advises…


Fairy Cake update: The fairy cakes are ready for our party! Lady Egality and I started off cooking determined to be just as organised and calm as dear Mary Berry is when she advises on ‘The Great British Bake-Off’. We congratulated ourselves on our focus and on our air of competence. Mary Berry advises one to assemble all the ingredients first and so we did: this looks pretty organised and competent doesn’t it? cupcakes1cropped.jpg

It didn’t last long however. We became so caught up discussing whether the new supermarket in the village is going to be a Waitrose, a Co-op or a Marks and Spencer that we forgot the fairy cakes were in the oven and we feared we’d burnt them. But we didn’t! And… they smelt so delicious! cupcakes 2 cropped.jpg


Lady Egality set about with icing sugar while I drifted about excitedly. Don’t they look jolly!

cupcakes cropped.jpg

 Table Decorations update:

Here is a photograph of the flowers Lady Egality has brought:

flowers cropped.jpg I’ve put the table confetti out ready to sprinkle over the table to make it look sparkly in the candlelight tonight. Don’t you think it looks rather like a map of the world in this photograph? Only, there’s no Australia/New Zealand bit..

confetti cropped.jpg Dress Code:

PARTY CLOTHES! For the finishing touch, this tiara arrived in the post. The purple bit lights up! Birthday tiaras should be obligatory. tiara cropped.jpg Now I’ve just got to lay up the table..

Yours, ready to PARTY!!!

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend,

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