Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Stop Press!

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Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: Stop Press!


 Postponement of Meeting:

This week’s meeting of the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club falls on Good Friday. As so many of us will be busy with Easter celebrations and family reunions, the Committee have decided it would be wise to postpone our meeting until next week, i.e. Friday, April 25th, 2014


We shall be watching Episode 1, Series 4, ‘Invasion’ which takes place between March- August 1942.


The The Graf von Blommehön (Chairman), Lady Egality Maran (Treasurer), Lady Liberty Hen (Secretary), Lady Sebright and Colonel Beverley Pyncheon (Actual Members) would like to take this opportunity to wish all Virtual Menbers -Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D and ayresorchids – a very

Happy Easter!


Yours busy arranging Easter decorations,

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Post Script:  having received a request from Miss Peppermint who writes,

Just stumbled and fell on this!; how might one join your Friday night club?‘,  I am delighted to announce that we have a new Virtual Member. LLH



  1. I hope that club members will take the opportunity to raise a glass in honour of my father, who turns 92 today. (I feel this is finally an activity that Sir P. and the Agent could wholly participate in.)

    • I undertake to pledge that the Agent and LLH will be absolutely delighted to raise a glass or 2 in honour of the 92 years and I shall invite Lady Egality and Sir Plym to join us – perhaps we could suggest a toast from all of Castle Coop!

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