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The Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: All Clear!


Club notes: All the Actual Members of the Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching tonight’s episode of Foyle’s War together again. Hurrah!


International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club Minutes:

Apologies: None Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D, ayresorchids, Miss Peppermint and British Detectives from America.  (Actual): The Graf von Blommehön (Chairman), Lady Egality (Club Treasurer), Lady Liberty (Club Secretary) Lady Sebright and Colonel Pyncheon Venue:  Castle Coop and various international locations.


1. I felt rather chastened when  Brown Owl likened  our flower beds to a jungle yesterday and so today I was busy with the secateurs out by the pool. To do Brown Owl justice, a machete might have been more effective.

swimming pool

It has been such a beautiful hot day that in the middle of snipping and slashing away, I suddenly had a brilliant idea: Tonight, the actual members of the Friday Night Club are going to watch ‘All Clear‘ outside, sitting by the pool! Won’t that be fun!

The Agent, while remaining unswerving in his loyal attachment to his Friday Night Ox and Moose Club, has kindly fixed up the extension lead so that the tv will work outside and I am about to run and set out some cushions for the garden chairs so that our F.N.F.W.C. committee can all be comfy.

2. During tonight’s episode, the Committee will be drinking Pimm’s no.1


pimms 3.jpg

with lots of cucumber, apple and strawberries floating about  so that we may feel summery. Lady Egality is most kindly bringing some smoked salmon blinis over. I know they will be absolutely scrumptious because I’ve eaten them before!


It will be our version of Manet’s ‘Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe’!







3. A reminder to all Club Members – don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting.

Colonel Pyncheon has chosen us one for us for tonight. with a picture of George VI with the flags in the background as he is extremely patriotic. 


Tonight the International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club will be watching:

Episode 3 , Series 5*: ‘All Clear’!


It’s early May 1945 and the formal announcement that the war is over is imminent. The station is being relocated and Foyle is definite that he is going to retire. DS Paul Milner anxiously awaits news of a possible promotion to Inspector. Sam is trying her best to find a job, but finds it a hard slog. Foyle’s son Andrew also re-appears and wonders if Sam will have anything to do with him after the way he treated her. On the policing front, Foyle investigates the murder of Dr. Henry Ziegler, who was stabbed on the street. Ziegler was a transplanted Austrian but had recently faced the brunt of anti-German feeling in the community. When one of his patients soon after commits suicide, Foyle and Milner must determine what, if any, connection there might be between the two deaths.Written by garykmcd http://www.imdb.com/

*N.B. The Episode categorisation is a complete muddle – The I.F.N.F.W.C. Committee has decided for clarity’s sake to categorise each episode as it is named on the ‘Foyle’s War: The Complete Collection’ dvd disc set. Wikipedia however, categorises ‘All Clear‘ as Episode 3, Series 6

The Body in the Library!

Hurrah! I think DCS Foyle and Andrew must play Cluedo – my top favourite Board Game! Just look at this

Andrew Foyle: Poor Dad, it could only happen to you.

DCS Christopher Foyle: What do you mean?

Andrew Foyle: The whole country preparing for a giant knees up and once again you’re stuck with the body in the library.

DCS Christopher Foyle: It was in the museum.

Don’t you agree that this sounds as if  DCS Foyle is thoroughly au fait with Cluedo? If so, he’s pretty cutting edge vis-à-vis Board Game Development. I gather from Wikipedia that Cluedo was invented in 1944 apparently with a view to whiling away time spent in air-raid shelters. As it was not officially launched until 1949 however, DCS Foyle must have had friends in high places at Waddingtons Games. Or… perhaps he knew the inventer, (a Mr. A Pratt)  and played a prototype version. What do you think?



Yours, going with Colonel Mustard in the Billiards Room with the

Lead Piping,

LLH signature


  1. Your virtual Foyles War Club sounds such fun. Lady Liberty Hen. Have to confess I have (embarrassed cough) never seen it. Must look in to it :0

    You don’t seem to be on instagram Lady Liberty Hen. Are you….if not you should look in to it – post a pick with a pithy caption and some hashtags…. Its a very interactive place!

    • Dear Diana, Foyle’s War is absolutely brilliant! Don’t forget, we’d all be completely delighted to welcome you as a virtual member of our Friday Night Club!
      I’ve been scared of instagram as I have no idea how it works but you’ve inspired me with enthusiasm. How about you look into Foyle’s War and I’ll try to get to grips with Instagram! A challenge – what fun!

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