International Friday Night Foyle’s War Club: ‘The French Drop’

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 Club notes:

Unfortunately the weather has turned uncertain again. Last weekend, when the Agent and I were busy in the garden, the sun shone so brightly that I didn’t need a jumper on. Today it is so cold that our boiler has become has seized the day to make its importance felt and has gone on strike. Rather than face sitting huddled up under rugs and dogs tonight, the Graf von Blommehön (Chairman) has most kindly volunteered to host our Foyle’s War Friday Night Club meeting.

Minutes from the last Meeting:

Apologies: None (Hurrah!)

Attendees: (Virtual): Martha from America, MohairMK, Kitchentease, C. Nelson, Digby D and ayresorchids.  (Actual): The Graf  (Chairman), Lady Egality (Treasurer), Lady Liberty (Club Secretary), Lady Sebright , Colonel Pyncheon

Venue: ‘The Old Hus’ chez the Graf (Chairman)


1. Lady Sebright brewed some delicious tea for us all at the last meeting. There have been some interesting comments from our members about the most reliable ways to make a good cuppa.

ayresorchids, (an international virtual member) commented on March 14th:

 “Tea made with leaves, hot the pot, heat the milk, milk in first, then sugar, then tea. And this may be less proper… but I don’t steep it long. Don’t like it too strong…”


Digby D (also an international virtual member) opined on March 16,

“Well I think you should do a blind test (using the same tea of course) of various different pots of tea using different methods and see if anyone can actually tell the difference.”
He then added: “Personally I am deeply dubious that even Foyle, who is often seen dispensing tea at home, could distinguish which cup came from which pot.”
Lady Sebright has suggested that she should write down her Signature Recipe for making tea in a Guest Post so that we can all compare notes. As Editor of ‘The Awesome Hen’, I was delighted to accept this offer. (N.B. Lady S’s Guest Post will be published next week)

2. The Graf has announced that tonight as he is hosting, we shall be drinking Lager Beer. Courtesy of Lady Egality, our biscuits tonight will be Jammie Dodgers.


3. Stop Press:


Foyle’s War to be filmed in Chester

(article from ‘Chester News)

Published date: 20 March 2014 | 

Published by: Staff reporter

TELEVISION crews are set to descend on Chester for the new series of hit TV show Foyle’s War.

The filming will take place on Albion Street and Steele Street at the end of the month.

They have been chosen for their Victorian-style housing which is similar to the type of housing in 1940s London, where the series is set.

ITV is currently producing the ninth series of the programme which sees the main character, MI5 agent Chris Foyle, played by Michael Kitchen, detecting crime in London in 1945 in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Donald Cameron, location manager for Foyle’s War, said Albion Street was an ideal location because of the style of housing.

He said: “The series is set in London and Albion Street’s housing is similar to London’s.

“Another advantage is that it is a protected area so there is not much street furniture for us to move and there isn’t much to cover up to make it look Victorian.

“We are based in Liverpool but the houses there are Georgian in style rather than Victorian.

“We have used a village near Manchester in the past but Albion Street has a more realistic city feel.

“It is a bit of a travel for us to bring the whole crew down for the day’s filming and the scene won’t be massive but it will be worth it.”

The filming will take place on Tuesday April 1 and ITV has asking residents not to park on Albion Street and Steele Street from the evening of March 31 until the filming is completed in the evening of April 1. Alternative parking will be provided for displaced vehicles.

A spokesman for ITV added: “We understand that we are guests in your neighbourhood and we will do our utmost to minimise disruption to you as much as possible.

“Access for deliveries etc will be maintained at all times.

“Our stewards will be on hand to answer question and assist residents at all times.”



4. A reminder to all Club Members – virtual and actual: don’t forget to place a Foyle’s War picture in the room where you are attending the meeting. Our one for tonight’s meeting at Castle Coop for Actual Members features Sam and Sergeant Milner. Both are looking briskly efficient.



The French Drop

Tonight we shall be watching Episode 1; Series 3 : The French Drop

Wanting to do more to help the war effort, Foyle pulls strings and is offered a job at Naval Command. Back in Hastings, a body is found but the apparent facts are inconsistent, and strange goings-on are observed at a churchyard. Following the scent to SOE, an undercover espionage-training group, and dodging threats and sabotage, Foyle uncovers the identity of the body and the story behind it. Foyle accepts accusations of mis-investigation from a senior naval officer, losing the naval job but believing he has best aided the war effort.

Character and plot development

This episode features the second of three appearances by the recurring character Hilda Pierce, played by Ellie Haddington (previously in the episode “War Games”, and then in “All Clear”) – she then became a lead character in series eight.

Historical context

Horowitz was inspired by the Special Operations Executive, which was created by Churchill in 1940 to develop techniques of sabotage and subversion. By setting the story in the early days of the SOE, Horowitz was able to use the conflict between SOE and expectations of the government as a backdrop to the plot. Many of the details are authentic, such as the use by the SOE of carborundum powder to disable cars.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Looking forward very much to my weekly Foyle’s War fix,

Yours, about to go and find a rug to wrap up in,

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment.I’m so glad you like Castle Coop!

  2. Count me in for the meeting tonight…”The French Drop” is on the menu, and so are the “Drop Biscuits” and Earl Grey Tea! Thanks for the information about FW filming in Chester!

    • Earl Grey and Drop Biscuits sound delicious and very convivial!

  3. And if you want an alternative look at what happens in The French Drop, see my Foyle’s War fanfiction, “The Crash.” ; ) –ayresorchids

    • would love to – how do I find it?

    • There is a lot of terrific FW fanfiction on this website:

    • Oh thank you Mohairmk, I didn’t know where to look and now I shall have a lovely time browsing!

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